How the Noiiz plugin works – 8 simple steps to get you started!

Hey everyone, this is Theo from
Noiiz and I hope you’re all good. Download the installer from the
Noiiz website Open the downloader to install
the plugin Fire up your DAW, in this case
we’re using Ableton… …then load up the plugin on
an instrument track. Set the key of your project in
the Noiiz Plugin. This will automatically pitch
shift sounds on Noiiz.. they are in the same key
as the plugin. If you don’t want Noiiz to do
this, or you don’t know the key …just leave it as is. Now find a sound you like. Here we’re just using the
search feature but you can also use filters, browse packs, ..folders you’ve created
previously.. and even upload your own sounds. Clicking on a sound,
plays it back. If your DAW is playing, it will automatically sync
with the tempo. You can disable this and have sounds play back
at their original tempo.. by clicking this button. You can change the tempo by moving the tempo dial.. ..and you can also change the
pitch by moving the pitch dial. This works regardless of whether
you have selected a key or not. When you’ve found a sound
that you like, simply drag the file from the
bottom right corner on to an audio track. Any pitch and tempo adjustments,
will be rendered to the file and you can start searching for
another! Now you can start exploring
more sounds, trying new ideas and layering sounds together. The Noiiz Plugin is designed for
speed and within minutes you’ll have
your own groove going, ready to create your next
masterpiece. Well, that’s it for now and I hope you enjoyed this
quick video. If you have any more questions, drop them in the comments below or get in touch and
we’ll get straight back to you. Thanks for watching,
see you next time!

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