How to Add an Astra Address Widget

Hi! I’m Michelle Phillips of Codefetti.
Today I’m going to show you how to use
Astra widgets to add an address widget
into your WordPress site.
Now this tutorial assumes that you’ve already set up a site using the free Astra theme or
the Astra Pro plugin. Here’s an example
of the widget. You can choose whether or
not you want to display the icons which
I’ve chosen to display here.
You can display the address widget in the header, sidebar, footer bar or footer widget.
So let’s get started and see how this is
The first thing you want to do is install Astra Widgets. Go to Plugins>Add New
And then in the search plugins box
type in Astra Widgets. Click install now
and then activate the widget. Once done
you’ll have three new widgets.
If you go to appearance widgets you’ll see Astra Address, Astra List Icons and Astra
Social Profiles. So let’s add the address
widget into our main sidebar.
Click the drop down for Astra Address. Make sure main sidebar is selected and then click Add Widget.
You’ll note that widget is now added
as the third widget in the main sidebar.
Now configure this widget with
your information. You can either stack
the information or put it inline. We’ll
leave it with stack for this demo.
I want to display the icons and I’ll just fill
in my address information. Now you can
specify the icon color if you’ve checked
the box to display icons. In which case I
want to use my brand colors and then
I’ll click the Save. Now when I go to my
contact page you can see we now have the address widget as the third widget
in our main sidebar. So it’s pretty easy to do!
I hope you found this demo helpful!
Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you next time!

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