How to Backup/Save Cydia Apps/Tweaks/Sources & Restore Them After Updating

Hi, this is Luke Abell with And in this video, I’m going to show you how to
back up all your Cydia apps restore or update your device, and then restore back your Cydia apps to your device. I’m going to show you a few different methods of doing this. Just as a quick outline, the first method
is going to be screenshots. I’ll show you how to take screenshots of your apps. The
second method is going to be how to use the Cydia Store to reinstall your apps that you’ve
purchased from Cydia. And the third method is going to be an app called PkgBackup, which
is going to allow you to reinstall all of your apps, no matter if you purchased it from
Cydia or not, back to your device. It does cost $8, though. So let’s get started. So the first method is just take screenshots and I’ll show you how to do this in a second.
This is my favorite and it is free. Okay, so let’s get started. First step is to open up Cydia. Tap on ‘Manage’. Tap on ‘Packages’. And then simply take screenshots.
So scroll over the apps that you want to take a screenshot of. Tap the home button and the
sleep button at the same exact time. Tap and just press it once. And the screen will flash
white like this. And you’ve taken a screenshot. Now just scroll down to the rest of the apps
that you want to take screenshots of and take the screenshots. Upload them to your computer
and then restore and after you restore, look at the apps on your computer and just redownload
the apps that you have in your device previously. One thing to note is that those screenshots
that you just took are saved to your camera roll on your iPhone or iPod Touch or
iPad. So when you upload them to your computer, either you use iPhoto on the Mac or just My
Computer on Windows. Okay, so method 2 is using your Cydia account,
this only works for purchased applications from Cydia. To find that, go and tap on ‘Cydia’.
Go to ‘Manage Account’. Log in with your Facebook or Google account. And after you log in, click
‘Installable Purchases’. And this will show you a list of all the apps that you have downloaded
or purchased from Cydia and this is only for paid apps. This will transfer for every one
you log in on your newly jailbroken device after you restore or update to the new firmware.
So this is another way of recovering those apps that you’ve purchased. Okay, method 3 is an $8-dollar app. It’s called PkgBackup. And basically what it does is it
saves all your apps to your contact list or dropbox a list of them and once you update
and rejailbreak, you just download the app again and it’ll download all your apps
again. So this is probably the all-in-one solution but it is 8 bucks.
So I’ll walk you through how to install that. Tap on ‘Cydia’. Tap on ‘Search’. Type in ‘pkgbackup’. And this is going to cost you 8 bucks, so tap on that ‘Purchase’ button. Log in with Facebook or Google. After you log in with Facebook or Google you’re going to need to
log in with Amazon or PayPal. I’ve already logged in to Amazon. Tap on ‘Pay’. Wait a
couple seconds. Tap on ‘Close’. Tap on ‘Install’. Tap on ‘Confirm’. And it’ll install. After
you install it, tap on ‘Return to Cydia’. Click the home button. Tap on ‘Settings’.
Scroll down to PkgBackup. And then scroll down to ‘Scan packages’. Tap the home button.
Scroll over to PkgBackup. Tap on the refresh button. Tap on ‘No’. And then tap on ‘Do Backup’.
You’re going to need to name the backup something. So in my case, I’m just going to say ‘Backup’. Tap on ‘OK’. It’ll back everything up. When that’s done, tap on the home button. Tap on ‘Settings’. Tap on ‘iCloud’. Tap on ‘Storage & Backup’. And then make sure the iCloud backup
is turned on. If it’s not turned on, turn it on. And then tap on that ‘Backup Now’.
This will backup all your device and settings and everything to iCloud. If you don’t have
iCloud, just plug in to your computer and just click that ‘Restore’ button, it’ll back
up on iTunes. Okay, so in iTunes, click that ‘Restore’ button. Make sure ‘Backup with iCloud’
is checked if you have that. Then, click on ‘Backup’. Then click on ‘Review & Update’.
I’m going to speed this up. It’s going to restore your device to 5.1.1 or to the newest
firmware that’s out currently. Click ‘OK’. And when it comes to this screen, just click ‘Continue’. It’ll restore your iPod from backup. Click ‘OK’ again. And again, this is all very
sped up, so it will take longer on your side. Okay, so now that you’ve actually gone and
updated or restored your device, you need to go jailbreak it on the new firmware. So
go to and there’s a full tutorial and video for
how to jailbreak your specific firmware. After you’ve jailbroken, come back to this video
and watch the rest. Okay, yay, you’ve jailbroken your device again.
All right, so go ahead and open up Cydia. Tap ‘Search’. Type in pkgbackup again. Tap
‘Install’. It’ll install that app. Once it’s finished installing tap ‘Return to Cydia’. Click that home button. Scroll over and find PkgBackup and tap on it. Tap on ‘OK’. Tap on ‘View Restore’. Then tap on ‘Do Restore’. Not sure why I chose that as the text for
the button, but that’s okay. Now it’ll restore all your apps, all your tweaks from Cydia.
Once it’s finished, you’re going to need to reboot your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Just
go ahead and tap that ‘Reboot’ button. It will reboot your device. Once it’s finished
rebooting, go ahead and slide to unlock and let’s make sure that the apps and tweaks have
been installed back on your device. So tap on ‘Cydia’. Tap on ‘Manage’. Tap on ‘Packages’.
And scroll through and make sure those apps and tweaks that you had on your device before
are back on there. As you can see, FakeClockUp is on there and that’s for having that before.
But if it doesn’t work, open up PkgBackup again and tap that ‘Restore’ button once more.
Hopefully this helped you and you figured out how to update and back up all your apps.
Check out for a complete guide to jailbreaking and some other great videos. Thanks for watching.

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  1. the app you're talking about..i did install it from cydia..once i checked settings i could it find it .. i restarted my springboard yet still not there on settings…i did found it on my home page though .. what should i do ?

  2. Very clear and concise video instructions, good use of time with an excellent presentation, you must have prepared it well unlike other youtube videos with umms & arghs, making loads of mistakes that can be really annoying to watch!
    But your video was excellent! Well done!

  3. I um and ah alot in my vids, and I really need to work on that. I agree, this vid and the rest of the vids done by Luke are pretty sweet.

  4. why does it take my app store app right after i click jailbreak button after that i click cydia and it says stuff then takes apps! what do i do?! plz help


  6. is there a way to do it without backing up to icloud? I don't have enough space on icloud to back up my phone anymore.

  7. i had apple logo of death and i thought i would have to re-jailbreak my iphone5 to do get it back on, i didnt have a backup i dont think? but is there somehow i can get all my tweaks back on, they're all still there in ifile and some tweaks are on like winterboad and barrel but it just wont upload the settings and go to how it was before repringing and gettin apple logo of death, please help anyone if you can

  8. Uh… lol no i didn't mean buy. but load or something lol. why did i wrote that -_-. idk what i was saying there. but i couldn't load any pkg. Ow now i get it. i cant buy the back up tweak ;). not cydia lol 😛

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