How to Create Welcome Screen App (Graphical Version) – Android Studio 2.2.3 Tutorial

guys welcome back to another android studio tutorial today i want to show you is that how to make here welcome screen for your android app so in one of my popular video i had already shown that how to call the welcome screen so let’s go and take a look at how we can customize the welcome screen so first go to their towels and change them seeming to know action Bobby’s help to remove the action bar so you may get a full screen view and once it is done just go to the main activity and you how to remove the notification bar so for that you have to go to main activity and before the second view we had to add a single and of course and that goes hero and i’ll be adding all the codes are needed for this work in the description of this video can take it out and once it is down let’s go to the tax and here we how to add a background hello let’s turn to preview on and how to add a background color and I really wish to going without solid color for this instant let me go with the white commodities probably great and other person matching and if you want to continue the color you can too cynical from the hero and I wish going with white and once it is done you can go and add him imageview stand for your logo image view and the width and Heidi goals as obtained a moment I mean just going with 150 DP is really appreciate that because probably all the levels of many popular application comes with 150 or 1816 or something like that and once it is then you can add that source file and for this instead let me go get the default I can’t now would be saying now drag it into the cinder and which means you may probably get a new two lines of course and once it is done if you want you can probably go with their creating a custom logo with the shadow effect and that had a person mass without background and once it is done you can adjust the scale type of for your logo by just adding this line of code now with the descend and that’s it and if you want you can also change the clothes and I wish going with white below and this into something like a Bray and also remember going with the screen in every activity that your credit means app so for that you have to add this single line in every project every activity you’re doing so i hope you guys how good the idea if so give it a thumbs up for this video and if you have been watching my video recording down welcome screen you can probably go and to get out here oh so thanks for watching this video have a great day at peace out

19 Replies to “How to Create Welcome Screen App (Graphical Version) – Android Studio 2.2.3 Tutorial”

  1. This is great. I could run it on an empty activity. Please also describe how to make it compatible with Navigation Drawer Activity too. Thanks

  2. hi can you please make a vid for a login and registration for v 2.2.3 all the others use volley and i cant get this v to use volley why is this

  3. sir how to use a moving splash activity on main screen in which image move and automatticaly movie towards the next activity

  4. nice tutorial! keep it up. I have one question for this tutorial, is it possible to get rid off 3 buttons that are displaying on the bottom when the splash screen launches? i want to splash screen to cover entire screen. thanks

  5. hello every you want create welcome screen then please followed given link with source code

  6. Can you please tell me that, how to make phones' mockups for showing app's screenshots in play store?
    2nd, i did add an image in empty activity but now how do i resize that image?
    3rd, How to make buttons in an app like tabs?

  7. Sir can you please make a video in which I can learn how to add functionality of mark as favourite in android app while creating a music player or while creating a book app please

  8. This is applied to the whole app, what if I wanted to apply it to only the splash activity ?? btw thanks for the quick tutorial

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