How To Fix Cydia On iOS 11 Electra

what’s up YouTube so like me you guys
probably jumped on the electric
jailbreak rate as it came out and
everything seemed really good installed
everything you wanted went to bed last
night you woke up this morning and you
had a few updates which is cool we’re
used to updates in the jailbreak scene
you did the updates and one of them was
this apt seven and now your Cydia
doesn’t work well you’re not alone
this happened to quite a few users
including myself I was actually laying
in bed and then all of a sudden BAM my
phone was looking I’m like what happened
here anyways we all know what’s going on
here a PTO 7 was updated by seanix and
the reason he updated it was for the
10.33 jailbreak he didn’t test it with
Elektra and unfortunately because the
build number was higher all the Elektra
devices grabbed it from his repo instead
of cool stars repo and then we had the
you know a broken cydia now cool star is
actually updated and I pushed a fix for
this since I wasn’t able to push my fix
for it this morning and there was a lot
of people on reddit who posted too but a
lot of you guys said hey I don’t know
how to do this so I want to show you
guys how to do this the first thing I
want everybody to try because it’s the
easiest method is to head here download
the may lecture 1.0 point to delete
Elektra on your device and reinstall it
so delete it and then reinstall it I’ve
already installed the latest version if
you want to know if you’re running the
latest version just open the application
now you guys seen my city is all broken
so I’m gonna reboot my device here I
need to pause the video because my
screen capture software will freak out
if the device loses connection and I’ll
come back we’re going to regen brick and
I’ll show you guys that this does work
and then I’m going to show you guys the
manual method to do this the method that
I use this morning to do this that
worked for me
since a lot of you guys are still having
issues so hey let’s do it alright so the
my device is rebooted here as you can
see I’m going on jailbroken make sure
you have the 11 or the 1.0 0.2 version
and we just hit the install and wait
alright so now we’ve rebooted our device
let’s open city and see what happens
I’ve gotten a 1 here yep so it looks
like the latest version of Elektra fixed
my device
now this message is OK
this means that you’ve updated to the
latest Electra and sure Nyx’s repos now
been blocked so this never happens again
now you’re probably sitting there saying
hey I did this and it didn’t work
I got you so what happens if this if you
did this and it doesn’t work let’s
download an application called cyberduck
now this is gonna work for Windows and
Mac download and install the application
just like I have here and we do need the
IP the local IP of the device we need to
do this so mine is 11.11 0.18 when I go
to open a connection and choose the SFTP
now for server you just want to put in
your IP address the user name is root
and depending on your configuration the
default password is alpine if you’ve
never changed your password it’s Alpine
ALP I and II connect now you want to
head to this drop down menu and go to
the forward slash now you can see in my
root directory I have two files here we
need to go to this tutorial and download
this one file
you know here you can see that I have to
the one that we want to focus on says
cool star this is the file that will fix
your device now before I can fix my
device I need to break it so I’m going
to show you guys in real time I’m going
to break Cydia and then I’m gonna fix it
here we go city it works
you guys don’t have to follow along with
this this part I’m just breaking my
so you guys can now see I am now
suffering from the same issue that you
guys are from installing the wrong
package so there’s nothing I can’t
really do anything no packages show up
you can fix this without actually
rebooting if you use this method so
let’s start from the beginning so you’re
gonna take this file that you’ve
downloaded from this tutorial that I’ve
included a link in the description and
you’re going to drag it just to your
root directory and file doc make sure
this window is large enough that you can
drag the file into this area and not
drop it into some folder somewhere so
you don’t want to do that mine’s gonna
ask if I want to overwrite yours we’ll
just right make sure your upload is
complete and successful before you begin
now you will need to open up terminal
and you can do this by going up to the
hourglass in your bar and searching for
you can hit command space or you’ll be
able to find it just here in your launch
pad now you’ll want to type in ssh space
root at sign 11 now this is your
device’s IP so your device’s IP will
probably be like 190 what is the default
one 197 or 198 dot 0 dot 0 dot something
so put in your device’s IP and type in
your devices root password now here we
drop this into the root directory so
we’re at the very we want to go to this
forward slash folder so we’re going to
type in CD and then forward slash enter
now let’s verify that we’re in CD
although you will see instead of the
home directory you’re now at the root
directory but you can also type in LS
enter and you will see the file labeled
coolstar that we need to fix our device
now you want to type in DP k G space –
lowercase I space oops no V and then
copy over this deb all the way to the
dot deb make sure you get that there and
then paste your command should look like
this hit enter
don’t worry about this morning now on
your device you’ll want to close Cydia
make sure you force close it open Cydia
and now everything works as it should
and just to show you guys I will even
install the updated SSH which I’ve been
just lazy and having done there you go
Cydia works
I really really hope that this fixes
your issue guys this is how I fixed my
device very early morning I do recommend
using the updated Electra just because
hey it’s and it’s an updated version to
the jailbreak it fixes a few other
things besides this issue and I really
truly hope this fixes your device in
that you guys are back on the jailbreak
and enjoying if this video helped you
let me know in the comments below I like
to know some feedback and how things
worked out for everybody I chose to use
cyberduck because it is a free program
but you can just use like I use Kota is
my preference for SFTP connections and
like I said this will also work on
Windows thanks for watching guys we’ll
see you again next time Cheers

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  3. My cydia says network error,I resetted my network changed date and time rejailbreaked bt same problem network error unable to load any solution help me!!!!

  4. Plz help!!!! Every time I try to enter Cydia it crashes and every other app I downloaded from Cydia plz help

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