How to increase download speed in Chrome android

In today video I am going to tell you about How to increase downloading speed in chrome android. if you want to know please keep watching the video. if you visiting this channel first time please subscribe to this channel and don’t forget to press the bell icon. So let’s start the video with any waste of time For boosting chrome downloading speed. Firstly you have to open the browser itself and then you have to enable parallel downloading in chrome. You can’t enable parallel downloading from normal settings of chrome browser. let me first tell you what is parallel downloading? You have heard about internet download manager name by which you can download any file very quickly. That manager also works on this concept. In parallel downloading you will download a file in pieces and after download browser or download manager join the file again. Then you will see a single file output. This type of setting is also available on chrome but you can’t enable it to from normal settings. So I am going to tell you how to enable parallel downloading to boost chrome downloads. I have told you about download manager apps for Android and if you want to see a video on advanced download manager app please watch it from youtube card. firstly you have to enter the URL on the chrome search bar which is showing on the screen right now after write the URL press enter. after that, you will see flags setting page of chrome search in the seacrh bar about parallel downloading. After that, you will see parallel downloading and change it to enabled. after that click on relaunch chrome browser and after you will see an increase in your chrome downloads. Which is better than before? This is the setting for only downloading speed of chrome and if you want to speed up chrome in overall ways check out my video on youtube card right now. in that video, I have told how to speed up chrome that website load quickly and video don’t buffer on chrome browser and also increase downloading speed. All I have covered in that video. If you like the video please give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to Tech generator channel for more videos like this one

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  2. Legends say my file is still downloading….

  3. Thanks bro…TorrDroid App downloading slow hai kya yeh bhi fast downloading hogi ? or plz give othet solution. Thanks in advance

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