How To Install Filza iOS 11.1.2

what’s up YouTube so if you’ve been
waiting for an iOS 11 jailbreak I got a
couple applications for you
one application actually that I’m gonna
show you today that we use on jailbroken
platforms that has finally come to the
iOS 11 and that is a true file manager
there was an attempt to do this a little
earlier with an application that
duplicated the files application and now
files a the main file browser that most
jailbroken uses of you since iOS 9 and
10 has come to iOS 11 I want to show you
guys how to get it onto your device
right now
this will require iOS 11 point 1 2 or
below so if you’ve updated to iOS 11
point 2 this will not work unfortunately
the link will be in the bottom in the
description of this video so make sure
you follow the link and download this
right here you’ll also need to head to
the city impactor web site if you don’t
already have a city impactor and this
works for both Mac OS Windows and Linux
once the files done you need to launch
Cydia impactor and make sure that your
device is plugged in unzip the file and
you’ll have this IPA now if you’re not a
paid developer this application will
only be installed for seven days this is
because free Apple IDs only include a
seven day certificate when you’re
sideloading an application with city
impactor if you have a developer’s
license like I have a developer’s
license this will last for 365 days and
based on your developer license so if
you sign this it’ll basically last one
year hopefully we’ll see a jailbreak a
full jailbreak released before that
comes but you never know simply drag it
in to city impactor and then city
impactor will ask for your username at
the email address associated to your
Apple ID and your passcode
once that’s complete it’ll be on your
device here so as you can see to open it
you just basically launch the
application and you can see here
I can browse my system files
I could actually delete a file I won’t
delete it and it appears to me that most
of the functions actually work you can
see here I did delete a file
so there you guys go that’ll give you
something to play around with I will
note that you should be very careful
don’t delete anything in this
application this is more for developers
or if you’re just curious you could
modify the host file and block ads and a
few other minor adjustments to the OS if
you want but don’t make any major
changes to your device using this method
anyways guys are you excited for the iOS
11 jailbreak to finally come out let me
know in the comments below I’ll let you
know if I find any other cool
applications that come out thanks for
watching make sure you like this video
subscribe to the channel for more we’ll
see you again next time

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