How To Install mTerminal on iOS 11.1.2

what’s up YouTube so if you’re a fan of
mobile terminal and jailbreaking you’ll
be happy to hear that mobile terminal
has been ported over to iOS eleven to
eleven point two one using the async
wake exploit released by Project zero so
to install this on your guys’s device
it’s actually pretty easy the developer
has released an IPA so if you don’t want
to build it with Xcode you can just sign
this with city impactor and side loaded
just like you would side load any other
application this works for Mac OS
Windows Linux it would be the exact same
thing you can head to the link in the
description below it’ll be in the
description there and then download the
IPA file just seen right here once
you’ve done that make sure you connect
your device to your computer and open up
city impactor head to where you
downloaded your IP a file so for me it
was in my downloads folder you just drag
it over to city impactor and then you’ll
proceed with your Apple ID and then your
passcode for your Apple ID and then it
will begin the process to sign and load
that to your device if you have a free
Apple ID so you don’t pay for developers
license the ninety nine dollars a year
the application will only be signed for
seven days so it’ll only work for seven
days with the seven day signing
certificate just like the previous
jailbreaks and any other side loading if
you have a developer ID like I have a
developer ID it’ll last for 365 days
just with the signing certificates so
just a note there I’ll show you guys
mobile terminal running on my iPhone 7
plus so you can see here I already had
it installed and I actually installed
this using Xcode and if you’re a little
more tech savvy you can actually jump
back here we’ll wait for this to load up
and you can clone the project
open you will need the latest Xcode
installed here and basically all you
really have to do to get this running on
your device make sure you have your
device target set and then change the
build identifier to a unique build
identifier for you and then of course
enable the developer signing and then
choose your developer team which would
be associated to your developer ID you
can also do this with a free Apple ID
and then you could make small changes as
you can see here on my launch screen I
had made a small change to the
application and I’ll show you guys that
mobile terminal does work so we can call
on the directory root and then ask to
see all the files
and we can see the kernel version so
there you guys go so let me know what
you think you can play around with
mobile terminal on your iOS 11 device
waiting for the jailbreak make sure
you’re very careful doing this you can
modify certain files and you could
corrupt your device cause it so you’re
stuck in a boot loop just be careful
it’s unlikely but you never know if you
make a mistake changing a file or to
delete something it can happen so yeah
there you guys go
thanks for watching if you like this
video and you were able to get your
device kind of jailbroken let me know in
the comments below what do you think are
you excited for the next generation of
jail breaks let me know as well thanks
for watching guys we’ll see you again
next time Cheers

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