How To Install Plugins, Scripts, CEP Panels, and Presets in After Effects

hello my name is James – and welcome to
my master class on it installing things in After Effects today we’re going to be
looking at four ways to install different things including plugins
script UI panels CEP panels and presets on windows and macintosh the time codes
for each one is down below okay first up we are going to show how to install a
plugin on windows the first step is to find your After Effects location on
Windows that will be C Program Files Adobe and here we have all the cracked
versions of Adobe products that we have I’m going to install it in 2019 then we
come into support files under plugins you may see some folders that already
exist in here that’s fine we don’t need to install it in those folders we can
put it anywhere or if we want to be organized we can put it in a folder now
the folders don’t matter what they’re called the only thing that matters is
that your plugin is in here it doesn’t matter what you call it – I call it
crack plug-in ATX but that’s not what its name will appear inside After
Effects you can call it anything you want one other thing I’d like to mention
is that your plugin is compatible with After Effects and Premiere then you can
come to this location see Program Files Adobe common plugins and then your
version media core and then if you drag the plug-in which I don’t have anymore
into there it will then be loaded by both hosts Premiere and After Effects
and you’re good to go on Macintosh things are a bit different we come to
applications and then we can see all our versions of After Effects there and then
we go into plugins and the same applies the Macintosh media core is in under
library application support Adobe common plugins version number and then media
core and then can place your plug in here and it will
be loaded by premiere and after-effects now I’ll be installing it’s the XP
extension on Windows you have two options here you can either use the zxp
installer or the a scripts zxp installer but not both so what we do is we drag
these the XP there we get this animation here tells us it’s installing and then
we have to wait patiently okay extension has been installed we
need to restart our Adobe application and now your zxp will be available under
windows extensions but if something went wrong and you need to do a manual
installation we can do that as well so in Explorer we come to see Program Files
times 86 oops common files adobe CPX Dench’s and
we can see all the extensions that we have here so we can see that file hunter
is installed under this folder here you can go in there and something went wrong
maybe maybe not all the files are there but yeah okay installing a CP panel on
Mac it’s pretty much the exact same process we grab the file drag it into
the zxp installer now it’s told us that our extension has been installed we can
restart after effects and file hunter will be installed if you would like to
do a manual installation you can come to the location here which is library
application support Adobe CEP extensions and this is actually where these DXP
installer has placed our file hunter so if the installation goes wrong were you
missing some files you can do a manual installation if that suits you
now we’ll talk about installing script UI panels on Windows
the location is C Program Files Adobe your version support files and then
scripts however these scripts 1if here under
file scripts and you can run any script follow prompt you to browse for your
file or you can select the ones here which have been loose objects just
crashed which idea the other place you’d probably like to install them his under
scripts script UI panels and these ones are dock water you can then move around
and place whatever you like and they’ll be available under window I would show
you an After Effects but it’s gone so okay after fixes recovered we’ve got
them under window and here are all these script UI panels as mentioned they come
in a little dot more form that you can then move around or make full screen
anyway that’s how to use script UI Palace and now a look at how to install
a script panel on Mac these are inferior to plugins but nonetheless we will show
you how to install them so we want to come to applications Adobe After Effects
version and then scripts you can see we have some scripts here and these ones
are available in file scripts and we can see them there however if we want a
float out panel like this season Wiz here we don’t want to install it there
we want to install it under script UI panels and then that’s where even Wiz is
then to see that we come up to window and here all our script UI panels yet
and we come to whichever one we want and then it’s gonna be in a little dot will
panel the week and I move anywhere we like and Matt is ruined my recording by
typing but that’s okay so that is how to install a script on Mac now we’re going
to be talking about how to use presets presets
Presets so come to documents adobe your version user presets and we can see we
have the dot FFX presets here we have deep glow from years back when it was a
preset and if we come into After Effects here those will pop up under effects and
presets and the cool thing about this is you don’t need to restart After Effects
you can just right click refresh that and then we type in deep glow and there
we have it make sure that you don’t make any spelling mistakes if we went low
we’re not gonna see it appear there so yeah easy mistake to make now we’ll be
talking about installing presets on Macintosh
I mean uses myself documents adobe then we come to the version that we want and
then there’s user presets as you can see these are dot FFX and if we’d want to
access them we can come into effects and presets and then type in the one we want
the great thing about presets is that you don’t need to restart After Effects
you can simply refresh the list that can’t be said for plugins

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