How to Play Google Chrome Apps/Games (angry birds)

Hi guys this is 360geek and today I have another How to video Today’s video is about How to get apps for Google chrome and today I’am going to show you how to get angry birds app Now open your Google Chrome Open the new tab You can see that I already have some apps and i have here angry birds I will show you have the angry birds look like You have a HD version adn a SD version HD is for the faster internet and SD for Slower So i will now show you how to get it open chrome again Go to the app store I will put the link in the description Or you can search in google This is the big App store With all games and apps Find your category I will go in games You can see it is free and just
go install and that is it I will install a random game you can see the install button All finished just enjoy and play Please SUBSCRIBE

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