How to Re Jailbreak iOS 9.2 to 9.3.3 With No Issues

so a lot of users have asked about
what’s the best way to jailbreak your
device with the new pongo jailbreak and
why does it fail every once in awhile so
I kind of wanted to go through that good
with you guys here just rebooting I’ve
read on read a lot of different ways
that you can jailbreak your device by
you know opening the Panguna up and
letting it stay open for about 20
seconds before hitting the jailbreak
button and I honestly played with this
quite a bit when it first came out just
because i was interested it was semi
tethered or untethered so it was a
little different and this method work
the best for me so i wanted to share
with you guys cuz i rebooted my devices
probably two or three times a day and I
don’t have any issues getting into a
jailbroken state like I’ve read out so
many people do so this is all I do it’s
pretty simple i do it every single time
whether i need two are not my jailbreak
Pangu happens right here first thing I
do is double tap and go in and close all
the applications that are open i opened
the Pongo up here and then I double top
again and I close it
I open it again and what i do i do it
really quickly I’m I’ve read that you
should leave it open and stuff but I’ve
never done that I just do it really fast
so what I’m going to do is I usually do
this i hit start and the power button
and then BOOM
I’m jailbroken this works for me almost
every time I rarely get into that reboot
loop and yes so i just wanted to share
that with you guys maybe it’s just the
way that I’ve been doing it or it’s just
the way that my device was a stored that
the jailbreak works so well but i don’t
really run into those issues with
rebooting the device and having it not
work so there you guys go i’m going to
be booting back into a jailbroken state
here and i can open up cydia and
everything’s good to go so i hope this
video helps you guys out if you’re
having issues booting back into a
jailbroken state
perform the steps that I didn’t it works
well for me and it should work well for
you thanks for watching guys make sure
you like this video subscribe to the
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and we’ll see you guys again next time

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