How To Restore iOS 10.x With Cydia Eraser

What’s up jailbreakers? Today we’re gonna
be taking a look at Cydia Eraser.
Cydia Eraser lets you restore your device back
to a stock firmware on iOS 7.1 to 10.33
let’s take a look so Cydia Eraser like I
was saying allows you to remove your
So Cydia Eraser like I
was saying allows you to remove your jailbreak and restore your device back
to a stock factory firmware this is
something that a lot of people want
because you can sell the device or you
could just start out fresh maybe you
feel like your device is just not
functioning the way it should be there’s
some bad jailbreak tweaks or you’re just
not sure what’s going on and you want to
go back to that stock state one of the
reasons I’m making this video is because
future restored the tool that we’ve been
using to restore our devices is no
longer working so this is an alternative
it’s not for iOS 11 but I will post a
video for iOS 11 later on this tool may
get updated for iOS 11 later on so you
grab this tool in Cydia you install it
just like you would a regular jailbreak
tweak so you can see there it appears on
your home screen make sure that you’ve
removed all of your Cydia tweaks one by
one if you can it’s really important
that you try to remove most of it
manually instead of just leaving it up
to Cydia Eraser as well as sign out of
your iCloud account turn off the Find My
iPhone feature before you begin it just
makes things easier and just in case
something might fail to begin the
process you open Cydia Eraser now
remember this will destroy all your data
so if you have any pictures or anything
that’s important to you make sure that
you back this up before you begin
so let’s start the restore process you
start the process by clicking the erase
all data and unjailbroken hit confirm
this will take about 10 minutes maybe 15
so allow your device to sit in a good
Wi-Fi zone plugged in and you should be
good to go we’ll come back when the
process is finished
all right so we’re just finishing up the
process now and I’m just gonna quickly
skip through all of this so you guys
don’t have to wait here and you can see
that I have restored back to ten point
two which this device was on ten point
two so it does suck that unfortunately
we can’t restore using blobs right now
that can change in the future make sure
that you’re always grabbing your sh-sh
blobs but for now at least for iOS ten
devices if you miss the window to jump
to iOS 11 at least you can do a full
restore this way if you’re maybe wanting
to sell your device or if you just want
to start out fresh I hope this video
helped you guys out make sure you stay
away from the latest iOS updates if you
want a jailbreak that is always key
thanks for watching make sure you like
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again next time

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  1. Hello,
    For me not works on my iPhone SE iOS 10.2 yalu102 jailbreak and after installation crash with Respring mode blocked on Respring mode
    Help me please and answer me quickly please very important for me.
    Best Regards !
    Linda K

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