How to Set an Alert on the TD Ameritrade: Mobile Trader App

hi everybody brent moore’s here today we’re talking about how to set an alert on the TD Ameritrade trader app now I’m using an iPhone today if he’s an Android device or a tablet it’s gonna look a little bit different there’s two ways to set an alert you can go to the symbol itself where you can use the alerts function at the bottom of the page to bring up a symbol you can go to the watchlist to use quick quote at the top of the page in this case let me just show you by clicking on cat for Caterpillar a symbol on my watch list it will bring up caterpillar if I scroll down to the bottom of the page by just using my finger near the bottom of page it will say add alert we can access it that way certainly but the other way is to use alerts at the bottom of the page tap on alert and it brings me to the alerts page I can go to my active alerts which I have no active alerts the little message there notifies me of that but I can add an alert will add an alert on say Coke here so I’m gonna tap on quick alert type in Ko for Coke click on done and it will bring up an alert for Coke by far the most common type of alerts that people use here are alerts on price in other words if the stock goes above or below a certain price it will notify you and you can see that in the alert field it says last well there’s different types of prices we can set the alert on we can use the last price or we could use bid price or ask price or marquess now there are other types of alerts you can set such as on volatility but in our case what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna set an alert on the mark price here so I’m just going to leave it at mark on the line below that it says trigger now notice there’s a greater than or equal to sign on that now I would use that if I want to be notified if the stock goes above a certain level let’s change that let’s go to a less than or equal to sign so that I’ll be notified if Coke goes below a certain price I’m gonna change the price where it says threshold I’m just gonna tap on that price there and click on done now I have an alert that will alert me if the mark or mark price of that stock is at or below $50 once I want to set that alert I’m going to click on create alert in the upper right portion of the page and that will notify me that the alert is created and I can see the active alert there if I decide I want to cancel that alert at a later time I can always go to this alerts page click on the alert just by tapping on it typing right tapping right on the symbol and notice it says cancel alert if I want to cancel that alert so I’ll click on cancel alert and it’s gonna say are you sure you want to cancel it and I’m gonna tap on yes there we go and I can see where my cancelled alerts are by tapping on cancelled and saml similarly any triggered alerts by tapping on triggered and I have no triggered alerts that are at this point that’s how you set and cancel an alert on the TD Ameritrade trader app

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