how to stabilize video in powerdirector android app

hi, friends, you are again welcome to tech generator channel and today in this video I am going to teach how to stabilize video in powerdirector android app in 2019 using your android phone. So without any delay let’s start the video before going further in the video I want you to subscribe and press bell icon so you never miss any video from us. Open powerdirector app. If you want to stabilize your shaky video footage for that you will need to download powerdirector mod apk with video layer and without watermark in it. I already made a video on this topic so you can see that video in the youtube card. you can see that video after watching this video. link of that video you can find its description and youtube card. after downloading and installing PowerDirector app click on video cion and if you want can change project name and aspect ratio but I am going further with default settings. after that, you will see video editing timeline now you have to import the video in which you want to apply stabilization. here I am importing that video. after importing the video click back button 2 times and click the screen 2 times to skip the guide. As you all know that my main motive is to teach you how to stabilize video in android using powerdirector app. So I am using a small clip of the video for this stabilization tutorial. I am showing stabilization in a small clip of video. If you want you can skip these steps and I don’t want any trouble in this tutorial so I am going to mute this video. Now I am playing this video to show how shaky is my video footage before applying stabilization. As you can see that video is very shaky. Now I am going to applying stabilization in it. friends, I have a question for you that which types of videos you are going to stabilize using this method for examples like vlog video or gadget review videos let me know in comments. I will read all of your comments and reply to all of them and now for stabilization of the video you have to select the video layer and then click on the pencil icon. and choose video stabilization option after that you will an option in which you have give motion levels. if your videos are very shaky increase it and vice versa. and if you want you can play video from here and for our video default setting is best after that click on the screen and now stabilization is applied to your video. let’s how much our video is get stabilized from powerdirector app stabilization features. As you can see our video is getting stabilizes pretty much well. Only at the point of video shakiness is available otherwise the video is stabilized very well If this video help pls like it and don’t forget to subscribe and press bell icon so you never miss any video from tech generator channel.

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  1. Thanks bro.informative.
    Bro I have doubt about the end of every video how to bring that crircle to subscribe and boxes of other videos?

  2. Han bhai mai green screen Bali powerdirector ko previous version se upgrade kiya to green screen to aa gyi
    but Audio gayab ho gaya means editing to hoti hai khuch new features bhi aaye but audio nahi play hota hai even music bhi use karte hai to bo bhi nahi
    PTA nahi kyun

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