How To Transfer Pictures From Windows PC To iPhone 6

I just have another video to share with all of you on how to transfer your photos or your pictures from your Windows computer over to the iPhone now :)) This is the iPhone Six here that I’m using and I’m also running a Windows 10 computer And I’m running the latest version of iTunes on my computer right now many of my subscribers have asked me to do this video So I thought I’d go ahead and do it so what you want to do is basically get your iPhone Connected to your computer and open up iTunes And you will see at the top here as long as everything goes right for you guys a little picture of a phone and you want to select that and you’re in your summary here What you want to do is just come down the list and choose photos, and then you need to choose sync photos so basically My pictures folders right here on my desktop, and there’s all my photos in there So what we’re going to do is just browse to this folder through iTunes So what I’m going to do is go ahead and select this right here and select this “choose a folder long” And of course I said it was on the desktop, so you have to come over here and choose “Despa-Desktop” So there is this folder right here is the same as this folder so when I select that There’s all the pictures that are in this pictures folder. (can’t understand you) It’s the same exact folder, so you’re simply browsing to that now I’m going to go ahead and upload this one here I’m just gonna select the folder that has all my photos in it. You don’t have to go into that folder You just select it and come down here It says “Select Folder” that loads it in here simply come down and click “Apply” you can see up here It’s syncing it to the phone Now as I need to do guys. Let’s go into the camera roll Go to all photos. Go to albums and that is right here at the bottom There is the folder that I just copied over so that’s pretty cool. Let me minimize that You can go into the pictures so what you want to do is say you want to copy more over Simply just go in here to choose “Folder” browse back to wherever your pictures are select another “Folder” (Too much folders dayum) if I want to You know transfer these ones over to my iPhone. I’ll select that and I can Go back in here actually if you watch on the screen That might actually pop up if I click “Apply” And I bring the phone up and there they’re popping up now as it’s copying over so once that refreshes There you can see we’re all good to go, so thanks a lot for watching guys. Hope you enjoyed the video Please give a thumbs up and like it and share it. I’ll see you guys next time

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  1. iCloud photos is on
    … can access photos in cloud. Photo can be downloaded to your device via WiFi or celular network. And that’s all I have, what to do ?

  2. Perfect, just what I was looking for. There was another video I watched that had you opening iCloud which I immediately shut off so as not to waste any more time. Thank you for providing the steps.

  3. Apple is the evil of the 21st century. Why so fucking complicated? Because they are hungry for money bastards

  4. Fuckj Apple I'm switching to android next time. I just wanted my photos out and into my other iphone Fucking shit airdrop wont work crashes and now I have to spend 4 hours just trying to learn how to sync up my photos. Fuck Apple and tim

  5. Iphones suck!! Such a restrictive phone- smh Apple is trash – thanks dude – i miss havin a android life is so much simpler with one

  6. Although I don't have IPhone 6, was your video VERY HELPFULL to me to transfer pictures and videos from my PC to IOS. It's my first IPhone, so it's all new to me, but now I have managed to transfer my data from PC to my phone using the ITunes. So, THANKS again !!!!! Best regards

  7. Hi Jamie.
    I commented on a previous video about I need help separating my latest photos from the older ones because it just mixes up everything. I tried creating an album but it doesn’t work. There’s no time for me to install iTunes I need to know how to do it manually because tomorrow is my competition. Please help I’m using a windows 7 laptop

  8. When I click on "photos" on the left-handed menu, The right-handed content doesn't appear at all and I don't know why?

  9. With respect sir .Its is my first time using the Iphone …..Every time I connect my Iphone to my PC it says encrypted you iphone or dont encrypt .. kindly help whether I encrypt my iphone or not …

  10. so i managed to transfer videos on my iphone however when i try to post them they dont show up on my library why is this?

  11. even the most cheapest Chinese phone takes one step to paste a photo,
    apple takes all their stupidity
    who would believe in 2019 paste a photo would be more complicated than build a rocket
    apple is stupid
    they need to disappear
    stop buying their products

  12. So my iTunes app on my computer doesn’t look the same as yours and the phone option doesn’t pop up at the top and no where does it say summary on it!!…. help

  13. Looking forward to trying this tomorrow. Thank you for your expertise. It was very clear to understand what you were doing. Thanks again. Fingers Crossed.

  14. I have successfully transferred photos from Window 10 to 7+. But when I sync another new photos, the previous ones that just transferred are gone. How can i download them to camera roll?

  15. Hey man, just want to ask why when I transfer a photo folder into my iPhone it overwrite the initial photo folder that I transferred earlier?

  16. What do I do my pc says that iCloud photos is on but I don’t wanna turn it off because it’ll delete them all I mean there’s an option to download them but I have 10,000 photos and I don’t have enough storage I have 14 go left

  17. Mine doesn't show that drop down menu when I click on photos in the iTunes app. All it says is "iCloud Photos is On", nothing else

  18. Itunes is a complete piece of shit.. Its so limited. So A billion dollar company felt that a user might not want to upload multiple files from different locations. LOL SMH Apple is stupid.

  19. literally trying to transfer photos from a folder in desktop and ik there are photos in there, however idk why when i click the "select folder" to choose the folder with the pictures it says there is nothing in the folder it makes no sense unless i'm being stupid

  20. My iTunes looks nothing like yours. I know for a fact I have the latest version but all it has is music,movies,tv shows,podcasts and audio books. I don’t have a photos option

  21. Thanks for the tutorial! It really helped! I had spent near half a day, trying to figure this out! That's because some websites suggested that I need to have icloud switched on in my phone. So, when I selected "Photos" from iTunes, it didn't have that "Sync Photos" tick box and I was totally lost until I realised that maybe I should just switched icloud off. And yes! "Sync Photos" appear!

  22. You didn't show how your original display was found?? I cannot get that iTunes display at all. Or anything your looking at from the beginning

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