How To Use Inshot App To Edit Videos On iPhone?

Inshot App

Here we go on a tour of how to use InShot. I love this app, and I’m going to show you how easy it is to use. Alright, here we go. So, the InShot app is that little red one. You’re going to create a new video, And, I’ve got to scroll through and find the video that I’m looking for and… getting closer. Where’d it go? Oh, right there, . So, I’m going to hit the check. It’s going to import it, and you can see right here that I can adjust the canvas size. I can make it smaller or bigger. I kind of like to keep it in the middle so I can put some text on the top and then I can put my closed caption on the bottom. You see my bars are always turquoise, so that’s what I choose and then I’m going to add the text. So, hey, this video… I’m going to add it in more of a plain font. Scoot it up a little bit, and then I’m going to come back and type something else is so cool. Now, I want contrasting fonts. I’m going to change it a little bit. Then I’m like, you know what would be so cool? Let’s change the color. So I go to edit, and I click the color wheel.

Choose yellow. Hey this video is so cool. Easy enough, right then I’m going to go over, click on the emojis, find the emoji that I want to use and drop and drag where I want it and I only want it for part of the video. Then let’s say I want to add another emoji. A lollipop to where my kids are. So I’m going to drag and drop that, and scoot it, move it around and shorten the time that it is on the video. I don’t want it on there very long so just a little bit. K, now I do a dollar waving in the wind for my little, , I want to say that’s Makayla writing right there. , and I don’t want it to show the whole video. I just want to show a little snippet of the video. So I’m going to shrink that back a little bit. , make it a little bigger. Drag it to the side and I’m done. That’s so awesome. You just added a meme to your video. Oh, here’s one more thing. You can always play around with the filters. They have a lot of free filters if you want it lighter if you want it natural if you want it kind of weird crazy like you can add all those filters for free. This app is free, you like it’s free So Great. I don’t save them, I just upload them. You’ll see, I just hit the little arrow up there. Save. It takes forever to process the video, but it works. Then I clear it out and then add a new one in.


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