How to Use iTunes : View Options in iTunes

DREW NOAH: So, now, I’m actually going to
talk about your view options which are different from this view right here and it refers to
these categories that your music is in right here: Name, Time, Artists. And you can actually
change these and rearrange these. So, you see, when I right click, I get some options.
So, let’s see, ‘Auto Size All Columns’ and it already has. There it goes. And I might
not want to do that because apparently, I got some really long song names in there.
But anyway, I can adjust the columns length myself by dragging the sides like that. Remember
I showed you, you could sort and all these options are the different things that you
can show. So, let me show something new like ‘Year’. Now, you can see it added the year
column. And all this information is in–when right click on something and you ‘Get Info’,
you can see all these informations that they’re pointing from. There’s the year right there.
That’s where this is coming from. And this is nearly your preference so the way to change
it is to right click and add things. You can right click and take off things. You can also
go to the view menu and then view options and then you can quickly go through everything
you want to add or not add right here. And another thing you can do is that you can drag
and drop these in different places. So, I just drag the Artists tab around. I can put
the name, I can put the time at the–in different places. Just like that. So, you add all the
categories that you want and then you can arrange them how you want. And you can see
when you have a lot they end up, kind of being all the way out of the way, you see a lot
of these don’t even have anything in them. Yeah. Just a couple of things, but real quick
since it’s right here. The Rating is a system you can use if you like. You can rate the
songs up to five stars. And then, if you spend the time to rate everything, see when you
sort it, you can get all your high ratings at the top. This also comes to play within
things like the ‘Party Shuffle’. So, then–those are the view options in your iTunes window.
And just remember how to move everything around and how to add or subtract and remember that
a lot of these kind of aren’t that useful in my opinion but of course, you want to keep
things on like ‘Album’ and ‘Artists’, always two big ones. And then I like ‘Track Number’
on, ‘Time’ is alright to have on. Stuff like that. So, these are the view options in iTunes.

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