[Hướng dẫn] – Cách đặt lại câu hỏi bảo mật iTunes mới nhất | MuaCash

This video will give you information about how to reset, change the AppleID security questions Firstly, you access to the homepage Apple Enter your AppleID and your Password If you forgot the security questions, you click ” Reset the security questions” The requirement is that you need to remember the answer of one of three security questions that you set when creating this account Click Continue. Then, you choose to reset Click “Continue” Click ” Access to account” Enter your password Answer the question that you set above We have done the change of AppleID security questions You can change again by clicking here Now, AppleId account is not accepted the change of security questions via Email Therefore, it is neccessary to remember or storage carefully these information Good luck my friends Like and Subcribe our youtube channel to update more information!!

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  1. Cj ơi cho e hỏi, e làm như cj mà lúc đặt lại câu hỏi bảo mật nó kêu là ko có đủ Thông tin để đặt lại câu hỏi bảo mật

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