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  1. By the way nice video and my developing time in 2019 is too bad three of my accounts are suspended and I lost all of my app but I start again I'm not giving up.

  2. can i ask you please am a old fan of you and i make apps from 2017 and i made app in 3 month ago and i get 500K download but in January downloads decrease about -50%

  3. Im Gona release a game very soon… Me and my friend made in about 3 months… The games name is Rocket Rush… You can check it out on Instagram Rocket_rush_official.. for developing update.

  4. Hi. I follow this channel a long time and it is very inspiring. For the past 1/2 year I am studying Flutter. I'm a dev on android and have released some simple apps. Now want to build something more challenging. As Flutter is for both platforms – it would be wise to do a iOS version of the same app.
    I am bit afraid to pay the yearly fee just to get rejected by apple app store.
    Question. From your experience how strict is app store? Will the app need some serious redesign for the fonts/ button styles (if you stick to default material design) to get it approved?
    And does Apple like admob for monetisation or is there a better option I should try?

  5. I made some okay revenue (enough to support my expenses) with my existing app, this year I want to polish and add a few new features in the app, polish and republish my old app and publish 2-3 new apps that I've made. Hoping to gain more revenue.

    I'm having some difficulty to monetize one of my new apps because it is a security app (an emergency alert app and can work offline). I don't think ad is suitable for low user engagement + offline app not sure subscriptions will work too, originally that app pair with a smart band that I'm developing for a startup but still having a hard time looking for an investor to manufacture the smart band.

    Overall, hope we all can achieve our target this year. All the best!

  6. Hello Eric,

    Some of the new year's resolutions for our team are:

    Increase our presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
    Finish the implementation of Firebase and Data Studio in our apps
    Release 12 new apps in 2020 (average of 1 app per month)
    Publish our apps on other app stores
    Watch more Overpass videos on YouTube

  7. I'm inspired to drive more traffic to my apps and increase revenue this year. After viewing your revenue video, I'm sold on using Ads with in-app purchases.

  8. Yoe Eric. Quality not Quantity that’s the way to go. That said I spend all my time updating my old apps, I haven't made a new app for 1.5 years.

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