Import tracking data into Premiere Pro from After Effects – Tutorial

Hello everybody – Videolancer is on!
In this video tutorial
I will show you how to create high-quality tracking in Premiere Pro
without using third-party paid plugins.
You can use 2D tracking data such as position,
scale and rotation.
As well as planar tracking for 3D objects.
In this method all animations will be applied to the sequence
and you can replace a video at any moment.
So let’s start.
First, let’s make the simplest tracking on X and Y axes.
In this footage we can track camera position.
So, create a sequence.
Import your footage into the sequence.
In my sample the resolution of footage is higher
than the resolution of the sequence
it is an important nuance.
We should open this footage in After Effects.
it’s necessary only for getting tracking data
and further After Effects won’t be required.
Duplicate the footage to a separate track.
Right-click and select:
“Replace With After Effects Composition”.
This Linked Comp layer is not needed and can be removed.
Now the footage is imported in After Effects.
To avoid the problems with tracking mismatch,
footage size should always be 100%.
In Premiere Pro
I reduced the footage size, but it’s easily remedied.
Just use Pre-compose for the footage layer
and switch on the check box
“Move all attributes into the new Composition”.
Сreate a new composition – we’ll use it as Mediaholder.
It is also important that the frame rate of the footage
coincides with the frame rate of all related compositions.
Drag and drop this composition to Linked Comp.
Now let’s make a tracking.
Open the Tracker panel.
Select a footage layer and
click “Track Motion”.
Move track point to the center of the object
and increase size of the tracking area.
Click on “Analyze”.
The tracking is ready!
Make sure that the tracking will be applied
for the Mediaholder comp and click “Apply”.
Next just copy Mediaholder comp (Ctrl+C)
and paste it into Premiere Pro (Ctrl+V).
It’s ready!
Now you can insert any content in this sequence.
As example I use a text layer.
In order to shift content,
just change Anchor Point of the layer.
In the next example we’ll make a tracking not only for position,
but also for rotation and scale.
It can be done by means of the same standard tracking
adding corresponding conditions.
But much more qualitative tracking
can be made by built-in plugin Mocha,
that is supplied together with After Effects.
So, select the layer with the footage
and apply effect “Boris FX Mocha”.
Open plugin window.
By the X-Spline tool,
select elements that are required to be tracked.
Now click the tracking button.
The tracking is ready.
Next set the position for Anchor Point.
Click here in order to display Planar Surface.
Move the surface so that the cross is in the center of the tracked object.
Close the plugin window having saved the project.
Now extract the tracking data.
For this purpose click “Create Track Data” in the plugin parameters.
Switch on the checkbox for this layer and click OK.
As we need only transformation data from this tracking,
select “Transform” in the Export Option.
In the “Layer Export to” select Mediaholder Comp
and click “Apply Export”.
Now you can paste this composition in Premiere Pro.
It’s done!
Next, I will show how to make planar 3D tracking.
As an example I am using this monitor,
that shifts in perspective relative to the camera.
So, apply Mocha effect in After Effects
and open plugin window.
Select the Screen plane by X-Spline tool.
Switch on all these options and make a tracking.
It’s done.
Now switch on Planar Surface and place corner points
in compliance with screen perspective.
Close plugin window saving the project.
Extract tracking data as I showed earlier,
select “Corner Pin” in Export Option.
Now copy and paste Mediaholder Comp in Premiere Pro
Hmm…. For some reason it doesn’t work.
Although there are keyframes
but they are without animation.
Probably it is bug in new Adobe updates,
as this method worked in previous versions.
I hope in further updates, Adobe will improve this,
but meanwhile you can use an temporary solution
that I came up while recording this tutorial.
Go back to After Effects.
Make Pre-compose for Mediaholder comp.
Copy and paste the produced composition into Premiere Pro.
Open the pasted sequence and select this layer.
Here Corner Pin effects have correct keyframes
corresponding to the tracking.
Copy the Corner Pin and paste it in the main sequence.
It remains only to add video that will be displayed on the screen.
It’s ready!
That’s all.
I hope this video was helpful for you!
That was Videolancer! So long!

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  1. Video Lancer I really want to learn after effects, but please give us the chance… You're to fast, I don't know if you do it on purpose, I hope for the future videos, you make your tutorials easy and slow, I subscribed hoping that you will deliver tutorials easily. I've couldn't learn this one you're too fast.😰

  2. Note that Mocha Pro is available for both Premiere or After Effects and is $295/year subscription. Then you have more features and do not have to go back and forth.

  3. This is great, especially for someone who is a newbie to AE and just needs it here and there — so we can stay in premiere 👍👍👍

  4. Newbie with a question, how could you set a zoom in and out on a motion tracked point? I haven’t been able to find a tutorial for that yet.

    If I’m not staying this properly, what I mean is if in this video you wanted to start your drone clip as it is but at certain points zoom in and back out from your tracked point on the lens of the drone cam. Thanks for the content.

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