InfosecAddicts Mentorship Program | Mentor-led Cybersecurity | 2020

Do you want to become a Penetration
Tester an Exploit Developer a Malware Analyst or Reverse Engineer, short
version of it, are you trying to get into a deep technical career in Cybersecurity?
If you are, I think I can help. If you’re trying to be an Exploit Developer or
Reverse Engineer an Intrusion Analyst Malware Analysts Penetration Tester any
of the deep technical jobs I’ve done most of those jobs so I really think I
can probably help you. How am I doing that? So, obviously, you guys have been
seeing a whole lot more videos on the Website (I don’t have my Whiteboard
anymore, so, I don’t have the Whiteboard anymore, and now I’ve got these touch
screens in here so I’ve got to figure out what I’m gonna do with the
Whiteboard but I’ll be dealing with that The YouTube channel is changing a whole
lot more stuff videos for Joe on the Road, a whole lot less classes so it’s
been a big change, we’re transitioning into mentor-led training, so, a lot of
more focus on mentoring, helping people get the career that they want, helping
people get in touch with the companies that they’re hoping to work for, so,
that’s really how things are different now we run these mentor-led programs now
and with each student, I sit down talk with them on the phone or on Skype try
to come up with a custom training program for that student, and then we
have like weekly check-ins, so, once a week, I’ll sit down with that student
anywhere from a half-hour to an hour and we go through, like, how are you doing
with that training program that I prescribed? How far along are you? What
are you struggling with? And then, I help them with challenges, we jump in the lab
network, hack our way through the lab or give them a piece of malware, and we’ll
jump on a machine, and we’ll analyze the malware together. Whatever that thing is
or we might do mock interviews, and kind of help them prepare for job interviews, so, you’ll be seeing some testimonials from some of the mentor-led, mentees (I
guess you would call them) and so far, I was really surprised by how well it was
going. It wasn’t something I really wanted to do, to be honest… I just Kind of figured well this isn’t gonna be something that works. So, I kind of fell into it a couple of students kind of asked me to do it. And now, the more I’m
thinking about it, the more I think it just makes sense, you know, the real God’s honest problem was, is, I had a ton of bad reviews online and the reason I had all
these bad reviews it’s not because people didn’t like my content it’s not
because people didn’t like learning from me if someone’s never freaking available
I could not do the number of classes that’s just the God’s honest truth I
can’t make the classes so if you check the Joe on the road series. right here, you’re gonna see that I’m on the road 2, sometimes 3 weeks a month. I’m teaching 3 weeks a month Pentesting. At least one week a month, I’m also still
doing training classes because, although, we’re transitioning to mentoring, I’m
still teaching in a lot of cases, and I’m consulting, I’m writing (I’m writing a few
books actually) building content and then consulting, and then also, I’m always in
different Time Zones, and then we have consulting engagements that run late, and they have to take clients out to dinner And stuff like that, so, there’s just
always so much where I was constantly missing classes, so, if you see any of
these bad reviews online, I can’t claim that I didn’t do it, of course, I did it,
right? I was always busy, so, that’s why I was missing classes or coming to classes late, and things like that. This mentor-led stuff just worked so
much better right I work with you, right? You need help? I’ll
help you. You tell me what you’re looking to do, we make a custom training program, just for you, and then we say okay here’s your goals, okay, well here’s the steps
you’re going to need to do to get to those goals. And then, I follow up with
you each week, we jump on a call we jump in the lab together I might bring other
people in the call who you can ask questions to, you know, hiring managers
at companies, team leads at companies people that you can talk to, so you can
say, “Well, hey, you know, I would actually like to work at a company like yours”, and you could talk to the actual hiring manager. You know I’ve got 24,000
people in my LinkedIn, right? I’ve been doing this for, shoot, like 16, 17 years
now! You know, I know a lot of people, so… I can help you, right? So, it’s not just that
have the technical ability, it’s also that I can help you get where you’re
trying to go career-wise. I can introduce you to the right people. Check out our
mentor-led program stuff, you’ll see that I’m gonna be mentoring and mentioning the mentoring, and more and more videos take a look and see what’s going on no
bullshit take a look I’m having some of these mentor-led
students make testimonial videos and write testimonials, they’re writing blogs, they’re putting up their own Github pages like if you started to see what’s
happening with these mentor students they’re getting the careers that they
want. Anybody who’s been a mentee with me for at least a few months, has moved into
the kind of job that they wanted career-wise, Check out Security Rookies I
had that a few years ago it’s kind of the same concept, now it’s just much more personalized, I’m working with just you Right? So, you’ll be on the phone with me
and we’ll be helping you get to where you want to go. All right guys, so, I will
be catching up with you guys later You guys take care!

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  2. I don't have the time I wish I had to even think about this kind offer.. believe me…If I had the money and time.. I would be all over it ace.

  3. If I had my own super hub set up…full security.."we all know don't exist" I beg to differ myself for my self means…with my knowledge. I wanted to do something great…much like yourself.

  4. Honestly this is great, you did something like this for me a couple of months ago by creating a training plan when I was a complete rookie. I'm talking freshmen/sophmore in college doing gen ed classes waiting 2 years to start my cyber concetrated classes which start in junior year. I even checked in with my friends who are older than me and looked at the colleges degree requierment. Thanks to you I got a huge headstart and feel comfortable in network security! Only thing was you were very difficult to contact, I followed your youtube channel and I saw you were travelling a lot and you would talk about the work you do and in my head I was like " he's never going to see my email". I'm sure this program will work great, hope to get in touch with you again soon.

  5. Joe,
    Sign me up. I am looking for mentorship and a career ASAP.
    I took your Pentester Night School, Prep for OSCP in June 2018 and completed the career path on the website as well.

  6. Visit us on LinkedIn and join us there, If you are interested in our Mentorship Program. Do it so you can get in touch directly with me and review our latest content.


    Let's focus on the Mentorship Program. See you there!

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