Installing Visual Studio 2019 for Mobile Development with .NET & Xamarin

>>Hi, I’m James Montemagno, a Program Manager here at Microsoft. Today, I’m going to show you
how to install and set up Visual Studio 2019 for mobile.NET
development with Xamarin. So let’s get started. Here I am on
where you can learn about all of our best in
class tools for any developer. I’m going to ahead and
tap on “Downloads”. Those that are with me to
the download and installation page, and I’m going to install
Visual Studio 2019. Now if you already have
a Visual Studio account, you can go ahead and install
the enterprise professional, but here, I’m going to install
the free community edition. When I tap on that, it’s going to bring me
to the installation page and I’m going to hit “Save”. At anytime, I can come and
learn about getting started, how to build apps or learn
more about Visual Studio. Now once it’s downloaded, I’m going to tap on “Run”. This will launch the
Visual Studio Installer. When the Visual
Studio Installer runs, there’s a few more steps
it needs before we can select the Xamarin workload. So we’ll give it a few seconds
to prepare here. Now what we’re presented with, is a series of workloads. So type of development
that we we want to do. So.NET desktop, ASP.NET
or Azure development. To get to Xamarin, we’re going
to go under Mobile & Gaming and here’s a Mobile development
with.NET Xamarin. I’ll go ahead and check
that check box and this will install every single thing that I need for mobile.NET
development with Xamarin. Now you can always rerun the Visual Studio Installer
from the start menu, so you could add
additional workloads. But let’s go ahead and hit “Install”. Now this will start up and download everything that I
need to get started, installing Visual Studio 2019
and the Xamarin workload. Here we have the ability
to actually start Visual Studio 2019 after the install, we’ll just go ahead and
turn that off for now. Now while you’re waiting
just a few minutes for Visual Studio 2019 to install, let me show you where you can get more information to learn about
mobile development with Xamarin. Here I am at, your one stop shop for
all Microsoft documentation. Now what you are going to
do is tap on “Xamarin”, to go to our Xamarin
Documentation homepage, where you can learn how
to get started building beautiful native apps with Xamarin, or come and learn more about
Android or iOS specifics. What I love with the brand new
quickstarts and tutorials to get you starting building mobile
applications faster than ever. Now we’ll just wait for Visual
Studio 2019 to finish installing. Now that Visual Studio 2019
has finished installing, we’ll go ahead and hit “launch”. This is a launch Visual
Studio and we’ll go ahead and minimize the installer. Now if you already have
a Visual Studio account, you can go ahead and
sign in or create one. That’s great because it will save your preferences across machines. We’ll go ahead and say
not now, maybe later. Here we can go ahead and pick
our development settings. I’m going to say Visual C sharp
and pick the theme that you like. I love the default brand
new blue theme. Now, all I have to do is
hit “Start Visual Studio”. You will finish the preparation
in just a few moments. Now with Visual Studio 2019, we have a brand new getting
started experience. I’m able to immediately
clone or checkout code, opening existing project or a folder, or create a new project. I can even start Visual Studio
without any code at all. But we’re going to go ahead and
create a new Xamarin project. So I’ll say, create a new project. Here I’m able to select
between language types, platform and project types. So here I can go to mobile and
this will filter down to all of the mobile application
templates that we have from Android or iOS development, Android Wear or Watch iOS or any
of the other project templates. All I need to do to
create a cross-platform C Sharp.NET mobile app with
Xamarin for iOS and Android, is select on “Mobile App”. When I tap “Next”, we’ll go
ahead and name our project, we’ll leave it as App1
and hit “Create”. Then I’m prompted here from
a series of templates, from a master detail, tabbed page or brand
new blank application, I can select the platform
and hit “OK”. Just like that, we’ve started to
create our very first iOS and Android.NET enabled
mobile application power by Xamarin. There you have it, we’ve just
installed Visual Studio 2019 for.NET Mobile Development with
Xamarin and created our very first iOS and Android project. If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out
and thanks for watching.

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  1. I had VS2017 professional everything was perfect untill I decided to install VS2019. Now, I am unable to deploy my project on emulator. Android build options are absent in project properties. Is there something that anyone could help??

  2. I've got xamarin,mobile development and cross-platform android blabla..but still nothing seems to be working and they are not even found in my project list.Any help to that will be fully appreciated.thanks!

  3. I'm getting this error when trying to run my emulator 'PANIC: Broken AVD system path. Check your ANDROID_SDK_ROOT value' , What is my ANDORID_SDK_ROOT value supposed to be?

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