Introducing 2B Mindset, A New Weight Loss Program Coming in 2018!

Your mind is your steering wheel and whatever you tell yourself
all day is what’s gonna be. Before starting this, I had gotten into a mindset where I didn’t think
I could change. I was 30 pounds overweight. I was in a funk. You need the mind switch
before you can lose your weight and keep it off. If your mind sets in it,
you’re gonna win it. It’s no longer about metabolism,
it’s mentality. If you’re overweight,
struggle with emotional eating, or lose weight only
to see it come right back on, chances are
it’s not just your body but your mind
that needs a change. Introducing the 2B MINDSET, a breakthrough approach
to losing weight and keeping it off. When you know
how your body reacts to food and what you’re supposed to eat, I feel like that’s knowledge that no one can ever
take from me and that will never
let me go back to who I was before. Now I know exactly
what to eat, when to eat it. I feel satisfied,
I’m not hungry, and I’m losing weight every day. It’s so much more than
just nutrition. It just takes
a tweak in your mind and then it’s so easy
after that. The name is absolutely perfect,
it’s your mindset. Join Ilana Muhlstein as she shows you
what to eat and when, techniques to eliminate
cravings, her four simple steps
to lose weight each and every day, plus the secrets
to creating a positive and sustainable relationship
with food, and so much more. The 2B MINDSET is not a diet. You’re never gonna
have to count calories. You’re never gonna
have to count grams. You’re never gonna
cut out food groups. You’re never gonna
tell yourself “no to alcohol”, to sweets, to anything. Like the second
you start telling yourself “no”, you’re just gonna be
fixated on that, you’re gonna be
telling yourself “yes”. What I love the most
about this program is that I don’t count calories at all. Now that I started
the 2B MINDSET, I’m able to eat the same foods
as everyone else, I can go back for seconds,
I can still lose weight. I can eat and still drop weight
the next day. I lost 50 pounds in this program and I did not have to fast,
not one time. I eat more now in volume
and variety than I did before. And I’m always asked like,
“What is it that you’re doing?” I’m just living,
I’m eating, I’m enjoying it. You got to live your life,
and I’m all about living the most full life I can, and that’s how I want
everyone to feel while still losing weight. In her private practice
and at UCLA, Ilana has helped
hundreds of her clients learn how to lose weight
and keep it off. But her success comes not only from being
a top registered dietitian but also from her own experience
losing 100 pounds. When I first found out
about Ilana, I immediately looked her up and I was so impressed
with the fact that she’s an RDN,
she knows her stuff, and not only that,
she has a transmission, she lost 100 pounds. When I was 210 pounds, oh, my God,
I just hated my body. I would constantly be filled
with shame and embarrassment about how big I was compared to everyone else
around me. But then the more insecure
I felt in my body, the more I’d want to eat. I feel like Ilana understands
every step of the journey that I have been on because she’s been
through it too. Because the 2B MINDSET is about more than
just nutrition, Ilana gives you the tools
to overcome behaviors that might have held you back
in the past. I’m constantly reintroduced
to my emotional eating self. But when you
actually become real within, you realize
the immense connection between your body
and your choices. You start to become very clear
that this isn’t working for you. Following this program,
I feel completely in control. Food no longer controls me. I am finally in control
of my food, my life, everything. I’m in complete control
of what happens to my body. I’m not a prisoner
to emotional eating any longer. So this program
gave me back my life. I’m alive again. I’ve lost 31 pounds
with the 2B MINDSET. Twenty two and a half pounds
in three and a half months. Sixty pounds in five months. I’ve lost 30 pounds
at this point. I did not think I was gonna lose
50 pounds to be honest. I have evicted 26 pounds. I never expected to lose
29 pounds in this program. I lost 40 pounds. I mean,
I can’t be upset with that. I’ve lost 35 pounds. I’ve lost 38.5 pounds. Once you’re in
on the secret, it’s– There’s no going back. You’re gonna be in control
of whatever you want to do. So I’m just gonna show you
every tip, strategy, tool that has worked for
hundreds and hundreds of people to lose weight happily
so you can do it too. The 2B MINDSET features
over 16 videos that will also show you
how to shop for food, how to cook
for maximum weight loss, how to deal with travel,
restaurants, and temptations. Plus the 2B MINDSET app
lets you track your results and puts
all of Ilana’s knowledge right in your pocket
which makes losing weight and keeping it off
that much easier. It’s time to change your body
by changing your mind with the 2B MINDSET, coming to
Beachbody On Demand in 2018. This is the rest of my life,
2B continued.

17 Replies to “Introducing 2B Mindset, A New Weight Loss Program Coming in 2018!”

  1. So excited to be able to help people who have been a prisoner to emotional eating, aren't able to workout for whatever reason and also those that just want to have a better relationship with foods. My 1st group will start mid May!! 😉

  2. Breakfast is 50 percent protein 50 carbs, lunch is 50 vegetables 25 percent carbs 25 percent protein dinner is 75 percent vegetables 25 protein and drink 16ozs. Of water before each meal

  3. I like your program but you show so many food videos for people that are non vegan that you one have one video for vegans. Why?

  4. Also check out Chalene Johnson's One3One program. It's diet phasing & considered 'the anti-diet'. It works too. I wish she had made it for BeachBody.

  5. Wondering if this is good for people that are gluten free, dairy free and can't each night shade vegetables

  6. It would have been much better if I discovered this unique “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) a few years back. I dropped 12 pounds in 3 weeks so far. There is still need of physical exercises even just a couple of times weekly as well as the meals to consume should be best. The outcome presented to me is impressive. Without a doubt, this is recommended and I do wish this would give good results to you too mainly because it did to me. .

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