iOS 10 Beta 1 Performance Test on iPhone 5

Whats up youtube? So today i want to show
you guys a review of performance with
iOS 10 on an iphone 5
this is based on beta 1 so you know give
it some slack
it is a beta but I’m just performing a
boot up here
I don’t have a timer but I’m a boat 30
seconds into the boot
so we’ll see how long it takes if it
takes a long time
so above 50 seconds there to boot up and
we’ll just enter in the passcode kind of
get a feel of a bit of leg there
so I’m just doing this just to show you
guys this is actually a glitch that I’ve
been able to replicate quite a bit if
you scroll back and forth
you’ll just lose all your icons and then
you get them back just by swiping and
yeah so here we go most of the widgets
have loaded up now will want some
so I’ve had a few issues with the app
store it sometimes loads
sometimes doesn’t load kind of like what
it’s doing here where it stops loading
and then sometimes it will go through
the camera opens up pretty quick I i did
notice that when i first installed the
beta it just seems to be on really fast
and once you get a bunch of apps going
it does glitch out a bit but it is beta
1 so as you can see there whether failed
to load
sorry this is on an Apple ID so I want
to make sure you don’t open something
didn’t want all of them i will be doing
a review the new health kits so make
sure you guys check back for that but
we’ve got a bunch of applications
running now
so you can kind of see they’re just
going in and out the animation
I noticed the control center can be as
you seen there and then the Notification
so what I’m going to do is I’m going to
close all these apps you can see there
bounced around I’m going to run a
geekbench now this did work when I ran
at the one time and I did save my
benchmark but it may crash because it
didn’t crash on me a couple times but
we’ll find out
alright so the scores are pretty
consistent from what I’ve been getting
very similar to iOS 9 in terms of
performance seems to lack a little bit
on the multi-core score
usually it’s around 1300 but there you
guys go that is the performance on the
iphone 5
would I recommend it probably not i
would wait for a few betas
so they get a few things worked out I
didn’t notice it almost seems like a
neck networking condition profile was
left on
there’s a real leg in the download speed
with the device that could be just this
device or my network or it could be
something like i was saying with
networking conditioning profile because
you see there it always drops it gets a
good download speed at first and then it
really loses it and I have quite a bit
more than what it’s actually downloading
out so yeah thanks for watching guys
make sure you like this video subscribe
to the channel for more and we’ll see
you again next time

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