iOS 10 Home Button Unlock

Whats up youtube? so i’m here with iOS 10
on an iphone 5 and I’ve had a lot of you
asked me about the home button to unlock
so in iOS 10 it is true
Apple did change the slide to unlock its
because if you slide over
you actually get your widget view on
your lock screen
Apple really showcase this so as an
alternative they had to figure out
something different to unlock the device
because we’re so used to just swiping
and open and we go to our keypad to
enter in your pincode so with this what
it is it’s basically a double tap so if
the devices off you have to wait
the device up and then you have to tap
the home button to enter in your
now if you have a touch ID device which
basically the only devices that are
supported on iOS 10 that don’t have a
touch ID would be a couple of the iPads
and then the iphone 5 and five see you
have to hit your home button and that
does mean that if your home button is
I probably wouldn’t advise you to
upgrade just for the simple fact that
you may not be able to access your
iphone and that would be not good
so I’m hoping apple has a solution for
and there’s there’s got to be something
because if you hit the button here that
doesn’t unlock the device and if you hit
the these buttons here that doesn’t
unlock the device the only thing you can
use is the home button to unlock the
device so swiping up brings up your
control panel here just like that it’s
so I don’t know how Apple could do this
any better maybe and DoubleTap they
could do what you could wake the device
up and then one more thing was the Rays
to wake up so this device I haven’t been
able to vote to get it to work
I’ve been reading around and it seems
like nobody can really get it to work so
i’m thinking the feature just isn’t
included in this beta I’ve searched
through the unlock options on the device
in settings there is no raise to wake up
so that you would only basically have to
hit the button once instead of hitting
it twice right so i get were some of you
were like well maybe that would be kinda
nice but not under battery under pass
code so i can just show you here there
was no raise to unlock option
so yeah that is the password situation
or lock screen situation on iOS 10 so
for you older devices that have broken
home buttons
I would either get the home button
repaired or just stay on iOS 9 for now
I don’t jump into the beta’s anyways
they have bugs so but thanks for
watching guys I hope this answers most
of your questions with iOS 10 and the
unlocking thanks for watching make sure
you like this video subscribe to the
channel for more and we’ll see you again
next time

48 Replies to “iOS 10 Home Button Unlock”

  1. Yeah man..i feel u really bother when u had to press the home..if the home button great..for those who really anoying..for those who had touch id..plzz let us double touch or just touch to unlock..double touch will be great for those had touch id or without it..

  2. I wasn't aware that you could even use an iPhone with a broken home button. I know on iPad there are gestures that allow you to do some of the home buttons functions though.

  3. Raise to wake feature is only available on the iPhone 6s SE and 7 i have the iPhone 5s running iOS 10 and i dont have the raise to wake feature

  4. keep assistive touche activated. so whenever homebutton non function it will be the only help for iphone5.
    F*U Apple's IOS department.

  5. get your cursor back by going into stings  ,, accesability , and turn the cursor thing on , the black box with white circle .. easier to get to home button   I just double tap the large round button and up comes the entry for your passcode , maybe even quicker ,,..

  6. My friend's old dummy fake iPhone have press to unlock feature. I womder did apple get the idea from a fake iPhone maker? Lol

  7. The inability to enter your pass code, in the event of a broken or damaged home button is just the most newbie/crazy dumbass design error in a long time. It wont take long for people to start complaining about this as their buttons fail. All they need to add is an unlock widget.
    But the idea that I can go to work (I'm freelance and live and earn money by my phone) and have the button damaged and then be rendered useless until I finish that job, which may take 2 weeks while abroad, is just insane to me.

  8. some people help me i don't remember my icloud id pasword nd answer of security my phone after update ios 10 again again show apple id verification plzzzzzz some body help me

  9. So I'm using an apple I pad 5 and I was wondering if I could use just the pin pad without pushing home button. Cause I've searched everything

  10. I upgraded and I dont know how to get back just to not use the home button and I just wanted to use just the password keypad on screen instead of pushing (home) button. Or how can I maybe go back from upgrading. It was iOS 10 and if I knew this I wouldn't have upgraded because there where settings for this before hand.

  11. my iPhone 5 is updated to ios10 but it wont let me pass through my pass code even-though i receive calls and messages can anyone help

  12. Stupid arogantic idiots fucked up my fucking phone, I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT LIKE THIS FUCKING HOME BUTTON OPTION. Now i need fucking double click one button to unlock, welcome to future…. Screw this time wasting phone. Was have fucking 5s for 3 years, and i can say it WAS the best phone i was have untill this RETARDED UPDATE. This was fucking ambush, they did this update when i was drunk as fuck. How the fuck they can force fucking update without my permission ???? Now is no point for factory reset, cuz they will do this again.

  13. The raise to wake works on my iPhone which is an iPhone SE. I'm pretty sure it only works on newer iPhones so is not going to work on an iPhone 5.

  14. I was using my iPhone 5s till my lil boy pulled the home button off so now it goes to where u would have to push the home button in to type the pass code in and ideals how to get in to down grade it back to the slid

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