iOS 10 Lockscreen

hey whats up youtube so today i want to
show you guys the iOS 10 lock screen and
a few the notifications and just kind of
how it looks
i’m using an iphone 5 here updated to
the developer preview one and as you can
see here I have a test text message it
says press home button to unlock so
instead of swiping over to get to your
keypad you just press the button here
and it will show the unlock pad
so if you swipe over you can see here
the new widgets and these are
customizable you can actually edit the
widgets that are available but you do
have to unlock the device i’ll show you
that in just a moment here for
notifications and pops up if you don’t
have the touch ID you just slide over
and you’ll get an option to clear or you
can reply if you hit the reply
it will take you rating to a way to
reply right from the lock screen so
that’s pretty nice
I noticed the bubble sticks here instead
of disappearing there so that may be
fixed and then it will clear itself just
like it always has
so they’re not sticky notifications I
wish Apple what kind of do that so
sometimes if i had a buildup of
notifications on here
I’d be more inclined to reply back or
something if I ignore the text message
so but that may come in later betas
sliding over to the right side here you
can see the camera and to exit that you
would just tap back yet
actually can’t slide it back now for the
notifications here if we actually go
into the device now you can see how you
can actually change the notifications
and which are widgets are available so
there’s quite a few available here if
you wanted to have even the friend
finder stocks and stuff like that that
we’ve had before
nearby maps I haven’t actually got to
try this yet i played with a few of the
other ones so we’ll just put those in
and we can go back and take a look and
you can see here so basically it’s kind
of like the widgets that we got before
but they’re a little more like they’re
better done it just seems like apples
put a lot more thought into having the
widgets and we finally get to see
widgets on the iphone so when you
actually go into the device to when you
slide over in the search here or all the
widgets that are configured just like on
the lock screen so very cool integration
to iOS 10 and that is iOS tens lock
so what do you guys think are you
excited for the change
I personally i’m going to miss sliding
over and I’m going to do this a lot
going to unlock the device slide it over
realize that that’s not taking me to the
lock keypad there anyways thanks for
watching make sure you like this video
subscribe to the channel for more and
we’ll see you again next time

14 Replies to “iOS 10 Lockscreen”

  1. So you have to click to wake screen and click to unlock?? That's horrible, with the 6s you have to do 2 clicks for it to unlock with Touch ID??? I will not update if that's the way they keep it!

  2. This may sound like a silly question, but will the widgets be open to third-party apps? I am only seeing stock widgets in the video.

  3. Omg thank you bc I have iPhone 5 and I was thinking that there was no passwords in iOS 10 but there is THANK YOU SO MUCH

  4. How is being able to respond to a text on the lock screen, while the phone is locked, secure?? So now, anyone can pick up your phone if you have a text on the screen and respond to it. Why would apple allow this?

  5. Ios 10.0.1 on iphn 6 here. But on call notifications from whatsapp I dont get the CallBack option. I only Get Read/ Clear. Why would that be???? It used to have that 3 options on ios 9.3.5

  6. iPhone 6+ IOS 10: I don't want to show widgets on Lock screen, how to remove list of More Widgets or disappear it on Lock screen? Thanks

  7. I have an iPhone 6s and on my lock screen it doesn't have the reply when i get a text. It just has clear. If anyone knows how to fix that let me know.

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