iOS 10 Widgets

whats up youtube so i’m here on iOS 10
and i want to show you guys the new
widget so the widgets would be like what
seen on the lock screen here and is now
incorporated on to our home screen so
let’s jump into our home screen here and
when you slide over to the side
this is the new widgets screen so this
is replaced the widgets from the
Notification Center when you dragged
all you get is your notifications and
you can search here so this is like your
spotlight search you can search
everything you’ve been able to on your
iPhone before including like the series
suggestion so it’ll look inside of apps
and stuff like that but to go back to
the widgets here
there’s actually some pretty cool one so
you’re serious suggest our recent
applications that you used on the device
news will show a breakdown of the last
popular story you can configure that as
well as the mac like the maps and
activity is all been included in here as
well so this will show you like
different destinations that you have
coming up and how long it would take so
if you’re wanting to know you can kind
of swype over and you can see on the map
if you go in here to edit it wants open
there we go you can control which ones
you like and you can see there’s a whole
bunch of options that you can choose
from so you can have your notes your
music and more maps in here are some of
your other notifications so if you
wanted your favorites
you can set that in your contacts and
I’m sure
developers will be able to create their
own widgets well so you’ll be able to
download things even for like Twitter
and stuff like that so you’ll have been
on the glance of so many different
widgets and notifications
this has been something that’s been a
long time coming to the iOS
I mean android users have had widgets
a long time so this is really cool to
see this finally integrated into mac OS
and I’m actually okay with not being
able to grab a widget and put it on over
my home screen because I do like the
separation where these are my apps that
you know these are the main apps I use
these are like my other apps and then
this year can be my notification so i
really like this is great to have
widgets finally on iOS and the way
apples done it is pretty good
so you can see it’s a little glitchy
here but this is a beta so come the fall
it’ll work a lot better anyways guys
that’s what i want to show you on iOS 10
I really like the widgets and I can’t
wait to see what some developers create
with them
thanks for watching make sure you like
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more iOS 10 videos and we’ll see you
again next time

13 Replies to “iOS 10 Widgets”

  1. IMO, I'd prefer widgets on my home screen because I like to organize all of my apps into three seperate folders on my Dock. It just seems cleaner that way + I get to see my whole wallpaper without icons covering it up. Great video. Subscribed. 🙂

  2. I'm glad the Home Screen Widgets are presented in a way that's consistent with the Lock screen Widgets. I might actually use Widgets regularly now.

  3. Hey dude, i wanna hear your opinion, how about the performence the iPhone 5 running iOS 10.0 vs iOS 9.3.2?? Is it too lag?

  4. This is probably the poorest implementation of widgets I have ever seen on a mobile platform. Widgets are supposed to live on your home screen not cause the operator to invoke an action to see them – completely defeating the object of ready information. When will Apple do away with their misguided fixation of their horrible home-screen, every Apple phone in the universe looks the same, no personalisation, no (proper) widgets! The sum up; iPhone: Great Phone, Shit UI !!!

  5. iPhone 6+ IOS 10: I don't want to show widgets on Lock screen, how to remove list of More Widgets or disappear it on Lock screen? Thanks

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