iOS 13.2 – 10 BEST Features for the iPhone and iPad

What is going on everyone. It is
Mike and welcome back to
Tech 24/7 TV.
It’s been a week since Apple
released the second feature
release of iOS 13 which really
covers a ton of new features
and in today’s video I’m going
to outline my ten favorite
features in iOS 13.2 as
well as how to find them.
Now I’m gonna put timestamps to
all the features in the
comments below in case you need
to come back to a
certain section. But without
further ado let’s get started.
First up, it is A nnounce M
essages with Siri which is
going to come to both the
iPhone and the iPad. W hen this
is enabled and you’re wearing
one of your new H1 enabled
bluetooth headphones which
include the AirPods P ro,
AirPods 2, PowerBeats Pro,
or even the New Beat Solo P ro
you’re going to hear a soft
alert tone followed by Siri
reading the name and incoming
message along with giving you
the option respond.
Now, t his is really useful in
situations where you know your
hands aren’t really accessible
to touch your iPhone such
as working out, commuting to or
from work maybe on a bike or
while you’re maybe just
out for a walk.
Now to enable this feature,
lets go and open settings,
tap notifications, and then tap
on Announce M essages
with Siri. As of right now this
feature is only available with
the message app, but it’s
likely that we’ll see this
functionality expanded to other
third party messaging apps.
Now this feature can be
configured in one of four
different ways and you really
can think of a kind going from
the most restricted to
the most broad.
1) Siri will announce messages
from anyone that you’ve
identified in your contact list
as a favorite.
2) Siri will announce messages
from anyone that you’ve
message today.
3) Siri is going to announce
messages from anyone that is
stored in your phone book or 4)
Siri will announce all messages
including numbers that aren’t
even stored in your phone book.
For me I found that it works
best from when my iPhone is
configured to announce messages
from anyone that story in my
contact list. That’s because I
tend to receive messages from
multiple threads that are more
than a day old and I wouldn’t
have visibility to that new
message on an old thread or
until I replied in I don’t want
Siri messages reading messages
from numbers that I don’t store
like two factor authentication
codes or other shore codes.
Now to complement announced
messages with Siri, my second
favorite feature coming to both
the iPhone and the iPad i n iOS
13.2 is going to give you a
quick toggle to enable disable
the feature right
from control center.
now to enable the quick toggle
let’s go ahead and head
to settings.
Let’s go to control center,
customize control. Then we’re
going to tap on the green plus
button which is labeled “A
nnounce M essages with Siri.”
Now this will allow you to
quickly toggle A nnounce M
essages with Siri on or off any
anytime that your bluetooth
headphones are going to
be connected. Now you might be
thinking to yourself why would
I even want to turn this
feature on if I had to have
it enabled. Well let’s just say
maybe you’re working at the gym
or you’re out for a run
and you don’t want to lose your
concentration by getting a
message from your boss swipe
down from control center.
Turn it off and you’ll be
message free during that time.
Sticking with a control center
theme you’re going to find new
glyphs to properly identify any
first party bluetooth
headphones including the new
AirPods Pro.
Now I know it might seem small
but all about Apple sweating
the little details. Now that
same glyph can be found anytime
that you toggle the volume up
or down using the volume rocker
and then pull the volume slider
in it’s going to show that
this is probably my most
anticipated feature because I’m
always finding myself in a
situation where I need to share
audio with someone in most of
time that is my wife and we’re
on a plane.
New in iOS 13.2 is the ability
to share audio from your iPhone
or iPad to a friend or family
member’s H1- enabled bluetooth
headphones and I liken
this to a software based
headphone splitter.
To access this feature you go
to pop into to control center
and make sure
that you’re wearing their
bluetooth headphones. You’re in
tap on the audio tile and then
you can be presented with a
share audio menu tap on that.
Go ahead bring the case of a
second pair of AirPods or
PowerBeats Pro near the iPad
cap and share audio and then
you’re connected.
Now you’re back at the now
playing title which reflects
two pairs of
air pods being connected.
You can individually adjust the
volume here or by pressing the
volume slider in control center
or you control the volume on
both sets of headphones with
the volume rocker.
Coming in number five to
closely integrate your iPhone
in your HomePod together with
the ability transfer audio to
and from the home pod using
the iPhone. Now in order to use
this feature the HomePod will
also need to be running iOS
13.2 out and to enable this
feature on your iPhone, y ou
need to go into settings tap on
general tap on your plane
handoff and make sure that
transfer to HomePod
is enabled.
Once that enabled bring your
phone in close proximity your
home part of you you need a
confirmation that the content
is being transferred from your
phone to your HomePod or
vice versa.
Now this is going to work while
you’re listening to music
through the Apple music app or
while you’re taking a
phone call. This last summer
Apple raked over the coals for
allowing contractors aka
external employees to listen to
Siri or hoardings without
getting consent from consumers
so this is the ability to go
ahead and delete that search
history right from your iPhone
iPad or HomePod.
Number seven.
Long press to edit home screen.
A s part of this year’s upgrade
to iOS 13, Apple added software
based force touch support to
all devices that are
running iOS 13.
Now new in iOS 13.2 is the
management of your apps from
the home screen giving you more
streamlined controls and the
ability to delete apps right
from the home screen by long
pressing on an app icon
and selecting delete.
Number eight is new
emojis and emoji picker.
Now if it wasn’t
for new emojis, I really wonder
of whether or not people would
be so inclined to upgrade to
the new software release year
over year. But I
really digress. iOS 13 is
going to have 70, count them,
70 new emojis covering a wide
range topics as well as a new
emoji picker that’s going to
give you the ability to mix and
match skin tones
between two different people.
Number nine camera resolution
and frame rates. This next one
is a close second as my
favorite feature because I use
it so often. And that’s the
ability to change the camera
resolution and frame rate right
from within the sock app.
Now I know it feels like Apple
finally listened to us
on this one, albeit the change
is only for the iPhone 11 Pro
and the iPhone 11 Pro Max.
Now to change either
one of these, you’re going to
go and open up the stock camera
app you swipe over to video and
then tap on the top right hand
corner where use has a frame
rate and each one can be change
independent of the other.
Now last but not least we are
going to stay with the same
theme of cameras in iOS 13.2 is
deliver improvements using deep
fusion which is Apple’s take on
producing more detailed and
sharper pictures through the
iPhone’s neural engine.
The result should be most
prevalent and noticeable in
photos that really contain a
lot of texture like dogs,
cats, hipsters with long beards
and everything similar.
Now if you really want to see
what the differences between
the photos that have diffusion
the ones that don’t,
you’ll need to turn off capture
photos outside of frame which
is in settings under camera.
Now it is unfortunate that the
new feature is only going to
apply to the iPhone 11,
iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone
11 Pro Max because it has the
A13 bionic but hopefully Apple
can find a way to enable the
feature maybe the least
some degree.
All in all there are a lot of
great features in iOS 13.2,
really covering the wide range
of devices. Now I want to know
what your favorite features is
in iOS 13.2 or even better yet
let me know what you’re holding
out for that Apple still hasn’t
delivered on.
Now I am Mike and this is tech
24/7 TV hit like hit subscribe
and I will talk to
you in the next one

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  1. What are your favorite features in iOS 13.2?

    Timestamps 👇🏼

    #1 – Announce Messages with Siri 0:27
    #2 – Announce Messages in Control Center 1:50
    #3 – New Bluetooth Glyphs 2:32
    #4 – Share Audio 2:55
    #5 – Transfer Audio to HomePod 3:45
    #6 – Delete Siri Search History 4:20
    #7 – App Management 4:40
    #8 – New Emojis and Emoji Picker 4:59
    #9 – Advanced Camera Controls 5:22
    #10 – Deep Fusion 5:55

  2. Great video Mike, I probably could of kept watching for your top 20 features! Do you know if the audio sharing requires the new devices from this year or does it work on all devices with 13.2?

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