iOS 13.2 Beta 3 is Out! – What’s New?

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
today Apple released iOS 13.2
developer beta 3 now this came in at 220
2.8 megabytes on my 11 Pro Max and it
was similar sized on my other devices
below I have the 8 plus and I also have
the XR and we’ll take a look at
those in just a moment now as far as the
build number let’s take a look at that
the build number is 17 B five zero seven
seven a and that a means we’re getting
closer to the final release
in fact we’re about nine releases newer
than we were with the previous beta so
they have seemingly fixed a bunch of
bugs which is really nice but I do
expect the final to be somewhere around
the 30th because Apple is releasing
those new Beats headphones the beats
solo Pro and those have active noise
cancellation and in order to have active
noise cancellation there needs to be a
feature turned on in iOS 13.2 so I would
expect it around that time now as far as
changes and things now there is a modem
update for this that includes a carrier
update for many carriers as well so if
you have t-mobile like I do or AT&T and
you’re having issues with Wi-Fi or just
issues in general of connectivity this
should fix that now I’m not having too
many issues but if you are hopefully
this resolves that now as far as the
notes Apple says there’s nothing new so
they haven’t mentioned any fixes any
resolved issues or any known issues as
well now a lot of people are complaining
about the GPS issues and that arrow
indicates that the GPS is used or
location services was used even though
when you go into settings and go into
privacy and everything like that
you’re not seeing anything as far as
location services so if you go in here
it should tell you what was using it
recently and you’ll see that I have a
bunch of location-based of alerts and
things and even with all of these off
people are seeing this show up so it
just depends on your phone but this will
probably be something that they resolve
before the final release
now some people were having issues with
iCloud music syncing and a lot of people
are saying this is no working properly
and also people that were using messages
and using dark mode so if I switch over
to dark mode and then I go into messages
when they went to reply oftentimes the
reply box was actually not in dark mode
so that seems to be fixed they’ve also
fixed message
is where it will also repeat the
notifications so before notifications
might not show up more than once but you
can change that in settings so if we
turn dark mode back off and then we go
to notifications and then we go down to
messages go all the way down now under
messages we actually have repeat alerts
and if you have this set to anything
more than once we go here you’ll see we
have once twice three times and if you
had it set to more than once
it just wasn’t showing up for a lot of
people that is fixed for most people now
overall I haven’t found any other
changes or anything like that and it
seems to be much faster animations and
things in help Apps opening and things
seem to be quicker as well now even on
older devices even though the eight plus
is not that old scrolling is super
smooth apps opening is nice and fast
and just the overall experience is great
and that includes I think they fixed
mail because mail is working great no
matter which device I’m actually on so
if I’m on the XR
or the 11pro Max the mail is working
fast it’s checking mail fast and I’m not
really having any issues whatsoever now
quite a few people are still having
issues with RAM management and at this
point I think it’s an application issue
where people need to update their apps
so hopefully they do that but that just
means when you do that and you open
another app up and you’ve closed it it’s
reloading over and over and I see that
more and more with apps from YouTube so
I think they’ve hopefully fixed it on
the iPhone side and then the app
developers need to fix whatever they’re
doing or maybe apples just being more
aggressive and forcing it to reload so
it doesn’t use as much power and
speaking of power let’s go ahead and
take a look at battery life so if we go
into settings and then we go over to
battery you’ll see battery life on the
previous beta was not so great for me
three hours and nine minutes of screen
on time twenty two minutes of screen off
time and that’s what about 50 percent
battery life left
so that means about six and a half hours
overall however I would expect probably
eight or nine on the 11pro max that I
have here I’m hoping that iOS 13 point
to beta three fixes this but so far it’s
been not so great so hopefully it gets
better and I imagine that it will but we
don’t really know so far now other than
the performance I mentioned before or
nice and fast and fluid I did run a
Geekbench for those of you that are
interested so let’s take a look at that
and this is Geekbench 5 so the numbers
are a little bit lower but I scored 1333
4 single-core 3457 for multi-core I’ve
achieved the same single core score over
and over and if I go into history let me
go to CPU here you’ll see that I have
the same exact score for the single core
for three weeks in a row on a row the
single core is identical I don’t know if
it’s averaging something but the
multi-core is right in line where we
expect it now for the other devices let
me show you those now with the
reflection I apologize it’s a little bit
hard to see but on the far left we have
the iPhone 8 plus in the middle we have
the iPhone XR and on the far right we
have the iPhone 11 Pro max so that
should give you a general idea of how
performance is overall so that’s it for
iOS 13 point 2 beta 3 if you found
anything else let me know in the
comments below I haven’t found any other
significant changes or splash screens or
popping up or anything like that
but let me know in the comments below if
you’d like to get your hands on this
wallpaper of course I’ll link it in the
description as I always do and if you
haven’t subscribed already please
subscribe and if you enjoyed the video
please give it a like as always thanks
for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you
next time

100 Replies to “iOS 13.2 Beta 3 is Out! – What’s New?”

  1. Wow… the whole time he’s recording his iPhone 11 Pro I could see the PWM effect he used to talk about. It’s not coming from my screen but his actual iPhone 📱 11 Pro.

  2. At least in my East Coast area of the country , announce messages with Siri still not working. AirPod 2 resets and repairing don’t help.

  3. The location arrow staying on has to do with the Apple Watch face when you have weather enable on the Apple Watch even though it setup for used only when using app there is a bug that keeps it on all the time. The only fix is to remove any Apple Watch faces that have weather enable Apple needs to fix that issue.

  4. ZOLLOTECH, I have been subscribed to the Channel for almost a year now, always helpfull content keep up the good work. Im having severe stuttering issues when swipping on my home screen menu or in any website, since updating to ios 13 on my iphone Xs. It became worse in 13.1.2 and hasn’t gotten better for me on ios 13.1.3. A lot of people I reached out to are having the same issue. What should I do?
    Big ups from portugal

  5. I’m still not able to find announce messages with Siri. I have unpaired and repaired my AirPods several times. Can anybody help me resolve this issue

  6. Also anyone know what happened to the FaceTime Attention Correction feature? It’s not there anymore even on new iPhones

  7. When will IOS 13.2 be released? I'm on IOS 13.2 Beta 3. Would I be getting the IOS 13.2 update? All I do is delete the Beta profile right?

  8. Hell. It took an hour for me to update to 13.1.3 or whatever it is. Now they are coming out with another. 😩😩😩

  9. I haven’t been on beta 3 long enough to know if it’s been fixed but on beta 2, Siri would work but it didn’t speak. Like when I’d tell her to set an alarm, she’d do it but I wasn’t getting her saying “it on” anymore. We’ll see.

  10. Are there any bug fix yet for iPadOS? The bug happens if you lock landscape then open any app with portrait mode after that close the app and tap and hold the screen then it will cause the screen to stuck to portrait mode while the bottom menu bar (idk what it’s called) landscape. This bug been bugging me since iPadOS 13 official release. Sorry for my bad English.

  11. Hi, Aaron. Have you come across disappearing system haptic bug after calling and opening specific link/page on Facebook (especially after making a phone call)? The system haptic(swiping from home line to exit control center/'tick' sound while haptic touch) would disappear until any sound is played by bottom speaker. Please help to report this bug to Apple as it feels like the system haptic is being inconsistent. Thank you~

  12. Hello Colleagues

    Do you know when we are going to be able to authenticate on sites with the iCloud ID? Is the features already available for IOS 13 users?
    Thank you in advance 😉

  13. I keep getting an issue where in the camera app, it defaults to HD once I reopen it even when I switch it to 4K. Anyone else having this?? It’s so frustrating having to click it every time I reopen the camera app

  14. iPhone X – turn off wlan and turn it on again… it won't reconnect your wlan even though you're standing right next to it! Only if you had flight mode on.

  15. In messaging, is there any plan to change the green color with sent messages? I would like to see options to change the color.

  16. 2:35 the repeat notification, the feature comes really handy for the people who have a tendency to forget things, so they won't miss anything important.

  17. i don't know it's iphone 11pro max or ios 13/+. they are slow. restart(i thought my phone was brick) and turning screen off take very long time than usual.

  18. Shortcuts App
    When you create time base automation at the end Ask Before Running Button is missing
    And also missing for Bluetooth Based automation

  19. on my SE, after refreshing and installing updates (on app store); I'd like to make sure all updates have been installed completely. I refresh again but the icon is still spinning. Have to close the app and try again, then works ok. Everytime an app is installed and I refresh afterwards – the icon just spins. Weird with ios 13 🙁 Old method was best. I don't care about Games… what a waste of time & space.

  20. I don't know if you are going to read this but, if you haptic touch google maps when you have dark mode on, it shows the white interface and its not new, I don't think its significant but its interesting

  21. Help me pls. Im just on ios 13.1.3 with my XR and my battery life is so bad that it doesnt even get through half a day. Today i used it for half an hour and the battery is at 89 already… this cant be right.. last week i could still hold up 10hours with my phone

    My phone has battery health 96%
    And i use it for almost a year

  22. I have a first gen iPhone X. I take exactly the same photo every morning to see how i look to go to work! Since the ios 13 update the photos have changed! literraly! More nose and i look distorted! I have before and after pics! Its not my imagination! Is that how they make the camera better? By making the old one worse?

  23. Should I install this new Beta 3 or stay with 13.1.3? I really need someone’s advice because I’m having having WiFi connectivity issues.

  24. Is anyone annoyed by the fact that Apple added back the Turning on the display when volume is changed while listening to music? Sinces iOS 13 started it was removed and now it was added back.

  25. Is anyone having any “Wireless Carplay” problems with the new iPhone XI Pro Max ?

    I have the Pioneer w4400nex, and on my xs max it would link and hook up on its own right away as soon as my truck started, now I have to hook it up manually, when I start my truck.

  26. That battery information page shows screen on time by the 24 hour basis. So I have to add up the screen on time from each hour and see what my screen on time is from the time I use it. It’s weird. Yesterday I was at about 3 1/2 hours of screen on time with about 20% to go.
    I’m using the pro

  27. This beta is really buggy my AirPods 2 generation doesn’t connect right away among other things beta 2 was awesome 👏

  28. Is anybody else finding the google maps app really slow lately? I updated to an iphone 11 from 6 and its weird because its slower in the 11

  29. Aaron !!!! bro did you face USSD loading bug on the phone Dialer app? it seems ( pease wait and the loading icon) not align properly…!!!

  30. Hi Aaron, I have lost the copy and paste feature from my iMac to my iPhone xs, very annoying as I used this feature a lot.

  31. Anybody having issues setting up Hey Siri? It acts like the microphone isn't working but I can use Siri manually just fine. I have been having problems with this since I upgraded from 12.4 to 13.1.2. Still having this issue in 13.2 Dev Beta 2 and 3.

  32. Hi since the update I had to resync my phone and I lost all my photos and important emails I saved. Apple were brilliant and restored my photos but I can’t find help to retrieve my emails? I’ve tried gmail but no luck. Have u any ideas??

  33. The mail started working real bad after iOS 13 came up, i really hope that is fixed in this update, the mail is slow and moving mail from inbox to other folder is really slow and lags.

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