iPhone使用技巧-08:iphone鈴聲製作,不用itunes,不用电脑! Set iphone ringtone, no computer|SernHao Tv

Garbage ~ Wow ~ so, who upset you again this time. You see the previous macOS Mojave, iTunes is fine. I can put my song, Throw it into my iPhone, Make a ringtone. But now, look. After upgrading to macOS Catalina, iTunes is gone. No song can be put into the iPhone. Ok. . . indeed. I have encountered such a problem. You see, what to do. Recently I was also researching, How to do it without MacBook or iTunes, Let’s make iPhone’s ringtone. Would you like to give me a try? Of course! Hurry up and help me. of course can, But before that, Let me introduce myself first, This is SernHao. One who likes “Apple” products KOL in Malaysia. I will upload from time to time about: iPhone / MacBook videos using tips. And other Apple products, Go to my channel. Like Bilibili, YouTube, Facebook, Weibo, Instagram, etc. If you want to learn these skills, Or if you want to know the latest information about “Apple” products, Then you are very welcome to subscribe to me. Step 1:Install GarageBand. First, GarageBand is downloaded from the AppStore. What is GarageBand? Here we need to popularize with everyone, The garage is a garage. band is an orchestra. So, this GarageBand is an “orchestra” app. So, it doesn’t just make ringtones. Making a ringtone is just a small feature of it. Maybe, I will study it later, Then make a video to share with everyone. Here, we press the Search button in the lower right corner. Then enter GarageBand. Then, we press get. Because I have downloaded it, it is show “Open”. so, we click “open” to open. After opening it, He needs to play horizontally. He cannot straighten. Then, we press “+” in the upper right corner. We can see that, It has Live Loops and Tracks. We press “Tracks”. After pressing “tracks”, we are looking for “Audio Recorder”. We will choose this “Audio Recorder”. Then, click on it. Here, we press the third button in the upper left corner. Then, we press the second button in the upper right corner. This looks like a rope. click it once, Then we choose the “Files” in the middle. Here are 2 songs that I have downloaded before. -How to download songs- Here, I will not tell you how to download. Ok. . . This is a bit sensitive after all. so, if you really do n’t know where to download songs, You can message me privately. Well, I will tell you again. ok? Step 2:Set the ringtone paragraph + length so, we choose “Files” here. Then, choose the song I want. For example, the second song (Lany-Malibu Nights) (good, recommended) Then we click and pull. pull out. Then, put in the seat we want. (The last one is over) A ringtone is 30 seconds. If the time above is less than 30 seconds, We can press the “+” in the upper right corner. Then, click on Section A. Now I have set it to 30. If you have n’t set it yet, You can press the up and down keys to adjust. After tuning, we press Done. Then, here we can start to select the passage of the song we want. Try it yourself here. For example, if your paragraph starts here, Then you need to click on this (blue) bar (timeline) more Press more and then press Split. After pressing split, Just pull the scissors down. Then it will be officially divided. We press once more where we don’t want. Then, press Delete. And then, where we want, Pull back to the first second. Then listen again is not what you want. The white line at the end, we can pull it to 30 seconds we want Then, this ringtone will be more complete. Then, repeat until you have the paragraph you want most. Then in the middle you should hear that there is always A decent sound. This “get it well” won’t be placed in our ringtone. It’s just a tempo. If you do n’t want to hear it, You can press this This thing in blue. Press it once and it will close. Step 3:Export as ringtone Ok, suppose this is the part you want to set as ringtone. Then, we press the triangle in the upper left corner. click it once, Then select My Songs. Well, it will save up. Because I had a file of My Song before, So this will become My Song 2. Now, let’s long press this “My Song”. Then, select Rename. Change to the name we want. After making the changes, press Done. Now we press and hold the file again. And then pull it up again, You will see “Share”. click it once. The middle one is ringtone. Let’s press that Ringtone. (If the previous song has not been set for less than 30 seconds, it will automatically subtract 30 seconds) We will now press “Continue”. Once here, we press Export. Then, based on the name we just changed, Set as the name of the ringtone. Now we can choose the usefulness of this ringtone. Standard Ringtone, Or a ringtone for entering text, Or a ringtone specific to a contact (if he calls, it is the ringtone). Here I choose Standard Ringtone. After we run out of this, (It’s embarrassing) I can’t find the close button. so we had to directly Push down to force him to close (manually close it). -Small tips- Here ’s a little recipe to share with you, If you have a ringtone you didn’t use anymore, You can do this, ok, now we go to our Settings. In our setup, Find Sounds & Haptics again. click it once, Then we press this ringtone. This is the ringtone (phone ringtone) that we just deposited. The others are ringtones that I set up before. Like this MySong, I don’t want to. I just press it and slide to the left. It’s Delete. (Remember to let go when you pull back) Then the ringtone will be deleted. (Press Delete is also possible). to sum up That ’s it for today ’s video. If I have the information you want, You are welcome to give me a thumbs up. Also share it. Maybe your friend just needs this kind of information. Finally, I also hope you can share Some practical tips about what you know. or, When you use these “Apple” products, What kind of problems are you encountering? Then we can communicate with each other. This is SernHao. See you next video. Bye ~

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