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it’s no secret that I love the filmic Pro app and what it can do to enhance your mobile video But filmic Pro is not the only kid on the block and moment has their own awesome camera app as well and while I do Believe that the app has a little bit of growing left to do before it can compete with filmic Pro. It does have some great features for video and photography Plus at the time of recording this video, I believe that the moment Pro camera app is about ten dollars cheaper than If you go and buy filmic Pro outright So let’s download the app and open this bad boy up and I’m going to show you  all of the features this app has. To offer for filmmakers the moment app gives you full manual control of your camera settings. The app is free to download but a charge of 399 is needed to access the pro manual controls. The app is available in the App Store and the Google Play Store. Keep in mind however, that is of right now video mode is only available for iOS But it will be coming in the future to Android devices. The pro controls will give you access to white balance ISO shutter speed and focus when you first launch the app, you’ll need to allow permissions for the app to access your camera roll locations and microphone. The app boasts a ton of features for photography and videography for photos you can switch to raw JPEG and TIFF formats.

There’s also support for the latest Apple file formats 3d shutter where you can have press to focus and full press to take your image. the app also boasts live histogram split focus dual lens control and video stabilization. Since this is a filmmaking channel. I’m going to just focus on the video functions for this tutorial, first to unlock the full potential of this app head into the settings screen and click upgrade to pro. This will unlock all of the manual controls. The settings menu is indicated by the three little sliders located right beside the record button. While we’re here, you’ll see that there are a ton of on and off buttons for the 3ds shudder histogram and location tagging as well as options for your photo captures and video capture formats and Another really cool feature is the option to apply ad squeeze to images that are captured with the anamorphic lens. To switch to the front or rear facing cameras click the circular button located right beside the record button. To the far left of the bottom toolbar you’ll see a button to access your camera roll. To switch to video mode first, click the camera icon in the bottom right of the screen Just above the record button. You’ll see the options come up for manual controls. Here we have shutter speed ISO exposure Focus and white balance. There is a dial that will become visible when the option is selected And you can slide your finger across to adjust each option.

Once you set each dial, you’ll see a white bar become visible underneath each option Symbolizing that the setting is locked in place until you move the slider again. You can also double tap the option to unlock it and return it to auto mode. Keep in mind that when you pull up each option. There will be an auto mode and adjust automatically until you move the slider and adjust them yourself on Certain iPhone devices just above the bottom toolbar. You’ll see the One X button Click it and it will zoom your camera into 2x. This is a quick method to increase your zoom distance on. The top toolbar will first see a grid or guide button to the far left This will display one of the three guide grids on the screen help you compose your shots Beside that is the flash button here. You can toggle your flash on and off or set it to auditive Beside that we have the image stabilization button. There are two options auto or off When you see the a pop-up on this option that means stabilization is on Keep in mind the stabilization is not always great for every situation. Next is your resolution. You can pick 720 1080 or 4k basically any resolution that your phone will support and To the right of that you can choose your fps. Remember that a lower resolution may be required for the higher FPS settings like 120 to 240. To the far right you have options for which moment lens you are using with the app.

This won’t change the image, but it will give you some useful metadata Informing you of which lens was used for each video clip when you’re sorting them later If you tap anywhere within the image window, you’ll see a focus reticle pop up. You can tap this on the screen to focus on your subject If you tap the screen with two fingers, it will separate the reticle in two separate reticles one for exposure and one for focus. Double tap it to return to normal. these can also be locked down by holding down on the reticle until it turns blue and That’s about it . I think that this app is a really great option, especially for those that want an affordable solid video and photography app all in one. Although I still prefer the filmic Pro app due to its expanded features like presets and color profiles I’m curious to see how this awesome little app grows and improves over time before we finish up. Let’s take a look at some footage that I shot with my moment pro camera app and my iPhone 8 plus Like I said earlier, I still believe that filmic Pro is probably your best option for enhancing your mobile video but if you’re looking for a cheaper option And you want something that can do photography really? Well, then I think the moment pro camera app is a really great choice.


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