Is RCS Messaging Going to Replace Mobile Apps in the Future?

Derek: We’ve heard a lot today about it’s
almost replacing mobile apps. Jonathan: I think it is, in a lot of ways. I mean, I’ve heard it described that way a
lot. I mean… Derek: Because your example is very, like,
well, a person could sit on a mobile app and interact with the TV, but it’s interesting. Jonathan: But, again, you see, it comes back
to that point we were saying about taking friction out. I mean, if you say, “Well, I’m gonna interact
with the app,” you’ve gotta find the app, you gotta download the app, you gotta remember
you’ve got the app, you gotta open the app. You know, it’s in the messaging channel. I mean… Derek: Which you already use. Jonathan:…if you’re reaching out to the
brand on the messaging channel, and then they reply, you know, it’s in the same context. There’s no additional step. And so, I think that’s probably part of its

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