iTunes Gift Card Scam | TORCH TALK

Hey guys I’m Danielle from the Sacramento Better Business Bureau and this is TORCH TALK Okay so it’s been a while since our last torch talk and I swear this is a different shirt I just really like stripes and this color I even tweeted about anyway today we’re talking about an iTunes gift card scam I’m actually not even sure you can call it a scam this person’s attempt was pretty pathetic our customer service manager Alma received this email in her inbox last week how are you I need a favor from you I need to get an iTunes gift card for my niece it’s a birthday but I can’t do this now signed Jag now neither one of us knows jag personally but I’m venturing to guess that if my coworker actually sent him an iTunes gift card she’d probably never hear from them again which isn’t surprising what did surprise me though was his poor attempt at getting my coworker to send him money which by the way for some reason scam artists love iTunes gift cards so if someone asks you to make a payment in this way Run For the Hills! So this begs the question are scam artists getting desperate or are they just banking on the generosity of others either way never send money or personal information to people you don’t know and if you’re not sure if you’re being scammed contact your local Better Business Bureau at or find us on social media @SacramentoBBB share this video with friends and family members to help spread the word I’m I’m Danielle thanks for watching please subscribe for the latest TORCH TALK!

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