iTunes To Android Using iSyncr

Hi, this is Justin from JRT Studio. If you use iTunes and Android Sync your music, videos and podcasts with
iSyncr The sync can be over USB or wirelessly And iSyncr will even update your play counts
and ratings in iTunes To get started, install iSyncr on your Android
device Then download the free iSyncr Desktop application
from our website : At Once you’ve installed both iSyncr on your
Android device and on your computer, syncing over USB or
WiFi couldn’t be simpler. To sync over USB, plug in your Android device and right-click on iSyncr in the system tray Then click on your device, such as my Samsung
Galaxy S3 shown here That will bring up your playlists, where you
can select the ones you want Press the “Sync” button when you are ready
to move your music to Android To sync over WiFi, just open the iSyncr app
on your Android device and then press the WiFi tab Now select your computer running iSyncr Desktop
that you would like to sync with Then select any playlists you would like to
bring to Android Once your favorite playlists are selected,
press “Sync Now” button To copy the music to your device That’s it! iSyncr is a powerful, yet lightweight, application
that gives you access to iTunes on Android

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  1. If you're using iSyncr Lite you'll only be able to select one playlist as of August 26th, 2013. Contact iSyncr support if you need additional assistance.

  2. it could be great if it allowed you to use your phone's default player, you're forced to use their rocket player with this and the music files aren't saved to a universal folder where previous drag and drop audio files were installed. If it was like the old Easy Phone Sync app it would be great. I can't understand why so many people are giving this such positive ratings when it has these limitations.

  3. Can't get to your website Justin. Is this product still available? Update: I was able to get to the website. It was just slow. I was able to download the product along with the music player and have it all working now. The issue I had was with AIFF files. The player does not seem like those and does not show / play them. So I made sure my playlists only had ACC and MPEG files. I'm good to go now and bought the full version of each product – thanks!

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