Joe In San Diego | Cybersecurity & Mentor-Led Program with Joe McCray

Hey, what’s up InfoSecaddicts back at
the airport. This time going back to San Diego so I’m in DC right now at the
airport going back to San Diego do another Python 3 class, so, I am all kinds
of excited, so, most of you guys probably have noticed the changes on the Website
now big changes are focused on changing it to a Mentoring based Website, so, I’ll
be teaching a lot of less classes doing more mentoring sessions with each of the
individual students, so, definitely be on the lookout for that, and upcoming things
that we got going on will probably be more Exploit Development more Python
probably some PowerShell, so, I’d love to see what you guys think maybe shoot in
like: let me know what you guys want, to do, and I’ll put something together see
you guys later. Ok guys, so, just got finished helping one of our mentor-led
students trying to prepare for his OCP Exam. I’m here in Charlotte just left
DC, on my way to San Diego you could tell I’m on North Carolina, because Pecan Pie, soul food. I had a brisket
I had a Pulled Pork and Macaroni and cheese, so, I had a “heart attack on a
plate” I had sweet tea and I’m washing it down
with Pecan Pie it’s my absolute favorite I don’t think
I have anything that I like more than Pecan Pie. Oh God so if I have a heart
attack you guys know what caused it I guess I should talk more about the
Mentoring, so, in InfoSecAddicts we’re making a big change, we are
transitioning everything from regular classes to just custom mentor, mentor-led
training so for each student we’re going to be trying to make a custom training
program for you, something that, kind of, helps you prepare for where you’re
trying to go in your career, and I’m trying to go to my plane which is
boarding now okay guys, so, I’ll see you guys when I get to San Diego What’s up InfoSecAddicts just
finished the first day of Python 3 here in beautiful San Diego, anybody loving
this? This is just to cool, feeling really good about how the new courseware
is looking and the changes that we made and one thing I love about San Diego is
you know DC we got all these Bird California they got the new thing that
I’ve been riding a lot, Wheels? check these out what do you think? What
do you think of those? I’m gonna ride this back to my hotel room, and get ready for
day number two, so, we got a lot of our new mentor-led stuff you guys are going
to be seen I’ve got to mentor students that we got a call tonight these
students are getting a lot more value out of being able to just work on
programs all week and then ask me questions so that’s what we’re gonna be
doing from now on, so, be on the lookout for that and I will catch up with you
guys later What’s up InfosecAddicts it’s 1:51
a.m. in California, and woke up wanting to grab a drink so I figured I’d come down
to the vending machine only to find that the vending machine requires an App Really interesting. Really, really, really
interesting, so, I installed the app haven’t messed with the app yet but
pretty house actually Bluetooth I’m not saying “pretty cool” because I
really meant it that was actually sarcasm Okay when I can figure out how I can
do this without really getting into a lot of trouble, I’m gonna do a video on
how this is insecure.

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    A Heart Attack on a plate… Pecan Pie!! Great.

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    News and Final Thoughts… Bluetooth?


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