Kameleo v1.5 – Change browser fingerprint – with fresh profiles – to stay undetected

Master of internet privacy I’ll show you how Kameleo v1.5 works. You get full privacy with multiple profiles I create a New Profile. I choose a Danish profile. You can select from more than 10 000 profiles with different languages. Fresh profiles coming every day. You can fine-tune your browser fingerprint. For a Danish profile I connect to a Proxy. You can use any type of proxy, from any proxy provider. I select a proxy in Denmark. I can connect to the Proxy directly from Kameleo. (Proxifier is also supported) I use the Diagnostics tool to check if everything is fine. Now it shows my Proxy’s IP Kameleo spoofs the Fonts and Plugins as well After launching the browser I can connect the web with 100% anonymity Every part of my browser fingerprint is spoofed. Even WebRTC Spoofed fingerprint: Language, Location, JS Navigator, Screen, Timezone, Canvas, WebRTC, Fonts, Plugins, Headers, User-Agent, WebGL, Rects, etc. On browserleaks.com you can see how the Intelligent Canvas Spoofing works It doesn’t show that you are unique like other tools Your canvas looks perfectly natural how it should be. Read more about it in the description Your spoofed fingerprint looks natural and it can’t be detected This site suggests you to turn WebRTC off but why turn it off if you can spoof it perfectly? This looks more natural than turning it off! Our carefully harvested Base Profiles look consistent and natural. This way Kameleo works better than other privacy tools. I decide to start to work with another profile simultaneously. I select a German profile. We provide Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS profiles. I connect Directly with my German VPN This browser now has different IP and different browser fingerprint It looks like I’m using a Mac with Safari right now thanks to the spoofing. It looks like a Mac for Browserleaks’ canvas detection tool as well Simultaneously I run 2 different profiles: 1 Mac, 1 Windows After I finished my work I can save the profile (cookies, history, bookmarks) Later I can reload it and continue my work Explore Kameleo for more features! Check the video description for more info

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