Kerbal Space Program’s SQUAD – Unity Developer Profile

Squad is located in Mexico City, in the
youthful neighborhood of La Condesa a place where you can find a lot of creative startups. Squad started out as a marketing agency.
I launched it with Adrian Goya. We were pioneers in Mexico
developing interactive marketing. We created Squad to be an interactive
technologies development agency. We came to the videogame world through
a contest we did amongst our employees; each year, several ideas were brought forward
and Kerbal was the winning idea one of those years. We developed it, made a business plan
for it and five years later, here we are. The basic idea for Kerbal was born with this incredibly
dangerous game my friends and I used to play. We stripped down fireworks and then we put
them back together as if they were spaceships. Kerbal Space Program is
a space flight simulator. It can be both a toolbox to learn
about science or it can just be fun… launching space shuttles into outer space, piloting
them and learning about Physics and Astrophysics. In Kerbal, you have to build spaceships,
assemble different parts, make them fit… until you have a ship that you can
launch in one of the platforms. Unlike other simulators that just focus
on the realistic side of it, Kerbal’s primary goal is to be fun while keeping
a level of realism above the average space simulator. NASA has a mission that required to fly into space,
grab a satellite and maneuver it… so it can be launched into orbit around Earth. They reached out to us because many of
those things were already possible in Kerbal. So we worked together to implement the necessary
tools to play NASA’s mission within the game. When we first started, Unity provided us
with the best tools to develop our ideas. We have a series of systems that allow us to put
our ideas to use, so the game can run without issues. It also allows us to reach certain platforms
that we intend to pursue in the future. Unity was the most natural choice because
we were a very small team when we first started… and we didn’t know how far we could take this idea. So we needed a tool that wouldn’t require
a lot of work during pre-production… but that, at the same time, wouldn’t hinder
our growth if the project became bigger. We needed a tool that allowed us
to make quick experiments. Unity 5 has a lot of visual and performance upgrades… so we were able to offer the players
a better in-game experience. Things like the PVRs and the interfaces already integrated
into Unity’s system created a better experience. The community is a vital part
of Kerbal Space Program. We wouldn’t be where we are without
it and we’re really grateful for it. They create different mods and spectacular
things that amaze us. We’re really thankful for our community. We were able to leave the advertising world
behind, which was our number one goal… and now we can devote all our time
to Kerbal Space Program. Right now, we are completely focused on the upcoming
updates, in making the game as perfect as we can… and also on creating the ports to take the leap
to consoles and other platforms. We’re reshaping the agency as a videogame
production company. Next, we want to take the Kerbals to new heights. We’re working on the porting to consoles and exploring
new places that we can go to with these characters, while keeping a close relationship with our community,
listening to them to give them new stuff.

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  1. "The idea came from my dangerous hobby to disassemble fireworks and rebuild them as spaceships"

    Hah that is amazing. Game ideas sometimes come from very unexpected places. 😀

  2. Contratenme!!! no sean manchados llevo 7 años trabajando en aprende a hacer videojuegos, soy programador, he estado usando mucho unity pero no se hacer modelos en 3D ni arte 2D para mis juegos y me desespera eso pero intento y intento con cada día que pasa.

  3. блин круто молодцы продолжайте в томже духе мне очень нравится как в этой чудесной игре надо дойти до луны наже учит эта игра некогда несдоватся!))) за это 👍

  4. I totally believe KSP alone has single handedly inspired thousands of young people to get into rocket science. Youtube channels like Scott Manley's have also seized an opportunity to show examples of the maths and hard physics behind aerodynamics, orbital mechanics, the laws of motion etc. I can't think of another game I could say them same of.

  5. And then they released a console version they knew was broken and over a year later, we are still waiting for an update.

  6. 2 bad the original developers got bored with the project and left, but perhaps it has to do with the bugs wich aren't fixable.

  7. No creí que kerbal espace program fuera mexicano que orgullo me encanta paso horas jugando tratando de llegar a duna y aterrizar

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