Learn About Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service

[ intro music ] Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service is a drag-and-drop application development platform for creating and extending web
and mobile applications. Create and publish your applications
without typing any code. Binding a UI component to a business
object is as simple as dragging the component from the palette onto the
canvas. Create new business objects and add and edit fields as you need them. Your application is working even as you
build it. You can see your changes as soon as you make them. When you’re in Design mode, hold the Ctrl
key and click a link on the canvas to navigate between pages. Switch between Design and Live modes
using the control key. Designing forms for business objects is
easy. Drag a field into the form to
automatically add it to the business object. Then define the data type, create references or add lookup values in
the popup dialog. Manage your business objects and create
objects from the REST services in your catalog. Do this by opening the main menu to
access the Data Designer. Use the Data Designer to fine-tune
the resources and fields of your objects based on the needs of your application. For each object you can see the fields and edit data stored in the database. After you create a business object for a
service, integrate data from the service by dragging a UI component into the form and selecting the business object in the popup dialog. Switch into Live mode to test the
behavior of the component in your application and enter data. Check that your forms are working and
that data is saved and displayed correctly. Your application is always live
and is updated in real-time. Switch back and forth between Design and Live modes to refine and organize your pages until you’re satisfied with your application. Stage your application to test a new version. Share the link to the staged
application with your team for more thorough testing before you publish it. Thank you for watching. For more information be sure to check out cloud.oracle.com/ApplicationBuilder [ outro music ]

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