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ANNOUNCER>>(Music) Welcome to Through the Bible with Les Feldick, a 30-minute walk through the scriptures teaching in-depth Bible truths that change people’s lives. Now here’s your host, Les Feldick. LES FELDICK>>Okay, once again we’re going to come right back to Ephesians chapter 2 and again for those of you watching on television, we have all the past programs available on videotape, audios as well as the printed page and if you’re interested you call us or write to us and we’ll get the information you need for you. Again, we always like to remind folks that we’re informal. We’re not associated with anybody, we are totally independent so far as our television series is concerned. Now people ask well, are you a member of a local church? Of course we are. And I love my pastor and he knows our ministry and he’s an encouragement to it. But, we don’t wear that on our sleeve. Because we find that it’s so much easier to reach people, if they do not feel that you’re simply trumpeting one denomination. So that’s the only reason that I do not, like I say, wear it on my sleeve because we want to reach across to people who otherwise are never reached. In fact, just the other day, I had a gentleman call and he said from the time that I was nine-years-old until now and he was I think, 69 or 70, he said, I’ve never darkened a church door. I’ve never listened to anybody on television but he said, I caught your program and he said, you have just totally turned me around. And now he says, ‘This Book is consuming me. I can’t get enough of it.’ Well, we just Praise the Lord for things like that. So, we just covet your prayers and for those of you out in television, we appreciate your letters, your financial help so that we can continue to hopefully open The Word to where anybody can understand it. Okay, let’s go back to Ephesians chapter 2 and continue on the next verse, which will be verse 6. And see, Roy’s got it on the board, Ephesians 2 verse 6. And now he writes, “And he hath raised us up together.” That is after God who was rich in mercy up there in verse 4 and 5, and ‘he made us alive with Christ by virtue of the work of the Cross, because He died, we died. And when He raised from the dead because of that same power, we’ve been raised out of deadness.’ Like we were back here, remember? I’m not going to lose sight of this. Here is the individual born into the human family, dead spiritually, with a sin-nature to more or less be the engine of his activity, but when we come over to the third circle now Old Adam has been crucified. We have been given a new nature. We have been generated by the Holy Spirit and now we are a completely new person, although in our closing remarks you remember, I pointed out, that we still have the old nature to fight with, and we have to keep him controlled and let the new nature control our activity. And that’s of course why, too many times, Christians behave like they’re not Christians. They let Old Adam take over but that doesn’t mean they’ve lost their Salvation. All right, now you come down to verse 6 then and along with everything else, “He has raised us up.” He has given us resurrection power. He has given us eternal life. And He has positioned – now you remember when we first started teaching Ephesians, what did I tell you the prepositional phrase was throughout this whole little book? ‘In Him.’ ‘In whom,’ which was positional thing. We are in Christ as a result of our Salvation experience. A work of God along with everything else, He’s redeemed us, justified us, glorified us, sanctified us, but He has also placed us into the Body of Christ. It’s a work of God and we take it by Faith. I mean you can’t lay out a diploma and say, ‘see, this is what God gave me.’ But, we take it by Faith. The Book says that it’s happened and we believe it. All right, and so Paul puts us now positionally, in the heavenlies, well we’re still on the earth but positionally we are in Christ Jesus in the heavenlies and that’s why, oh look, turn with me to this verse just comes to mind as well. And we’re living in such crucial days. And let some of these Scriptures just thrill your heart. Titus. Chapter 2, let’s look at verse 12 and 13. This is right along with what we’ve been saying all afternoon in these last three programs. That now, because of the Grace and mercy and love of God, we’ve been brought out of that life and the desire to live in the nature of Old Adam. But, here’s what we’ve been translated to, Titus chapter 2 jumping in at verse 12. “Teaching us that denying ungodliness and worldly lusts (or desires) we should live instead soberly, righteously and godly, (oh not when we get to Heaven, but where?) in this present world.” That’s to be our lifestyle. But, here’s the verse that came to mind, we are at the same time to be “Looking for that blessed hope (and what’s the blessed hope? The soon appearing or) the glorious appearing (I’m sorry).looking for that blessed hope and the glorious appearing of the great God (who’s our great God?) Jesus Christ.” Now this flies in the face of people who say that Christ never claimed to be God. Yes He did. Paul claims He was, by inspiration. And this is what we can be looking for, “The glorious appearing of the great God and our Savior, Jesus Christ.” What a hope. And why can we do it? “Because He gave himself for us that He might redeem us from all iniquity and purify unto himself a peculiar (or a particularly set aside people) who are zealous of good works.” Okay, coming back to Ephesians chapter 2 then, He has positioned us according to verse 6 in the heavenlies. We’re in the Body of Christ although we’re living here on the planet but oh verse 7. See this life is just a little snap of the finger compared to eternity. Oh, eternity is beyond our comprehension. And as I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, the Bible doesn’t really tell us that much of what we’re going to be doing. I mentioned in the early program, it doesn’t tell us what Adam and Eve did all their days, but this much we know, that when we get to Glory it’s going to be beyond human comprehension. All the things that we think are enjoyable on this earth will be as Paul uses the term; it’ll be as dung by comparison. So this much we can rest on, “That in the ages to come.” Now the word Ages here literally means ages upon ages upon ages – eternity. That “in the ages to come he might show the exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness toward us through Christ Jesus.” God didn’t have to save the human race. He did it out of Grace. He did it because of love, see? Oh, now here comes one of these super, super Pauline verses. “For by grace (unmerited favor) you are saved through (what?) faith, not of yourselves.” Not something you’ve worked for. Not something you’ve decided to do, “but it is the gift of God.” Now I don’t have to tell you what a gift is. A gift is something that you do not work for. A gift a lot of times is something we don’t deserve. My I can look at some of your and say, ‘my you’ve given Iris and I things that we don’t deserve. Haven’t you?’ (Les laughs.) But, anyway, a gift is something that we don’t deserve. But that’s what Salvation was. It was a gift of God. Now, the next verse tells it all. “Not of works.” See that flies in the face of, I think, 90 % of Christendom tonight who are somehow, either blatantly or by innuendo, are making people feel that they’ve got to do something. Some more than others, but Paul says, it’s ‘nothing.’ Faith plus nothing! Now let’s go back to Romans 4. Been a long time since we taught Romans. Romans 4, and he uses Abraham as his prime example. But, of course, it’s prompted by the Holy Spirit. Romans chapter 4, verse 2. “For if Abraham were justified (or made right with God by his works, then he hath whereof to glory (or boast, or brag) but never before God. But what saith the scripture? (Verse 3. What does Word of God say?) That Abraham believed God.” Plus NOTHING. He believed God. “And it (his believing, see? His believing) is what God could base calling him right with God or righteous.” Then verse 5. Oh, I’ve used this verse to lead quite a few to the Lord. “But to him that worketh (what’s the next word?) not.” See as soon as somebody says, but I’ve got to do this or I’ve got to do that, it cancels this. But it’s to him who worketh not and instead of working, here’s your ‘but’ again, the flipside, instead of working for Salvation the flipside is, “To him who believeth on him who justifies (what kind of people?) the ungodly.” See? God doesn’t justify godly people, you remember in His earthly ministry, what did Jesus say? Who needed the physician? Not the well person, but who? The sick. If there was such a thing as a godly person, he wouldn’t need salvation. But there is no such thing as a godly person; they’re all ungodly as we saw in the last program, whether we’re well behaved or not. God sees us potentially as what we saw described. We fulfill the desires of the flesh. And we’re children of wrath like everybody else. Regardless of how we have been inhibited in our training. Okay, so now then, God justifies “him who worketh not and believes and his faith then is counted for righteousness.” And oh we could just go on and on. Come back a couple of pages, or one page at least to Romans 3. Romans 3 verse 24. And oh the language throughout all of Paul’s writings is the same. It’s not by works, it’s by Faith in that finished work, see? Romans 3:24, “Being justified (you remember by definition of justified is being made ‘just as if I’d never sinned.’ That’s what God does when we become a Believer).being justified freely (without any works) by his grace (and how does He justify us?) through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.” And then you come on down to verse 26, “To declare at this time his (that is Christ’s) righteousness so that he (God) might be just in justifying (what person?) the one who believes.” See how simple this is. And oh my goodness the world of religion is just putting people under all kinds of pressure, superstition and they look for this and they look for that and all they’d have to do is just say, but God has done it all! It’s finished. And we are expected to believe it! Okay, coming back to Ephesians. So like Abraham, he couldn’t be saved by works or he’d have boasted. And you’ve heard me use this over and over. And I think a lot of people have smiled on it. Can you imagine what a horrible place Heaven would be if everybody could boast of how they got there? I’ve said it more than once. We’d cross one side of that golden strand to the other rather than listen to him tell it again! I’ve head his song and dance before, I don’t want to hear it again. But, it’s not going to be that way. Not a single person in Glory is going to be able to boast of what they did to get there. Not a one. And we’re all going to sing the same song. ‘Nothing but the Blood of Christ.’ That’s all. And you know, when people think we kind of – whatever – for saying I know I’m going to go to Heaven when I die. Well, who do you think you are anyway? I’m nobody. But oh, the One that I’m trusting is Somebody! He’s the Creator of the universe. See? Okay, now verse 10, “For we (we who have been made alive out of deadness in trespasses and sins. Now) we are his workmanship.” Now that doesn’t sound like much in the English, but you know what it is in the Greek? It’s the same word from which we get the word ‘poem’ and you know what a beautiful work of art a poem can be. But I like the next rendition that comes in roots of words and you know how our English has come down through the centuries from various Greek words. You know what word we use commonly, that comes from this same Greek word translated ‘workmanship?’ Symphony. A symphony. Now maybe some of you don’t like symphony music, but that’s beside the point. What makes a symphonic rendition of music? A whole putting together of all the various instruments. And the bigger the orchestra the better it sounds. But what did it take to get the trumpets to play that note and the French horns this one and the violins this one and the drums that one? What did it take? It took a fantastic mind of these composers. And you know what blows my mind? You know a lot of those composers back in the 1800’s wrote those scores of music for every individual instrument in that symphony without ever touching one themselves. Now think of that! Think of a man with the wherewithal of music that he could write the score of every instrument in that huge orchestra without every playing a one of them himself. Now that’s what this word says that we have become in God’s hands as Believers. We are like a grand symphony. And God has put every one of us in exactly the right place and we are to strike exactly the right sound, if I may use the expression. Why? Because of His Sovereign way of putting us all together. Now let me show you another verse. Whenever someone sends a larger than normal offering, I try to write back and this is the verse that I will use so often. I Corinthians chapter 3 but it applies whether it’s someone who gives one dollar or he gives a thousand, doesn’t make a bit of difference. It still applies. I Corinthians 3 verse 9. All got it? I Corinthians 3 verse 9, now this is again talking to Believers. The unbelievers can’t claim this. “For we, (as Believers) are laborers together with (whom?).with God.” You see what a royal vineyard you’re working in and I’m working in and we’re all working together. You know, I’ve told everyone that’s been a part of my ministry, whether it’s our class people here or whether it’s the people that contribute out in TV-land, you know when I come up before the Bema seat for reward, it’s not going to stop with me. It’s going to be funneled out to every body who’s been a part of my ministry. Because we’re all ‘laborers together’ and what you’ve done with me you’re going to receive a reward just as well as I will and it’s going to just funnel out, see? So read it again, “We are laborers together with God, because you are God’s husbandry, you are God’s building.” See? And then he goes on of course, as we’ve studied before how God will hand out if I may use the expression, the rewards that we will have gained by virtue of our laboring. Not for Salvation. But as a result of it. Okay, coming back to verse 10 of Ephesians 2, “For we are his workmanship.” God has intrinsically in His Sovereign Grace brought every Believer into his place in the Body of Christ. Whether we’re rich or poor, black or white, whether we’re in Asia or whether in Europe or America doesn’t make any difference. We’re all working together to bring about the fruition of the completion of the Body of Christ. And so we’re His ‘workmanship.’ We’re like a poem, we’re like a symphony. Now what’s the next word? “Created” Created in Christ Jesus unto good works.” Now I’m just thinking of another verse. Come back with me just a few pages to the left. II Corinthians chapter 5, you know too many people think Salvation, as I’ve said so often, is just a fire escape. To keep me from going to hell. Oh listen! That’s just a small part of it. That’s a small part, but God has created us to be something in His vineyard. We are to be something in that great symphony that He has constructed and created. All right, you got II Corinthians chapter 5? Let’s start with verse 14; I don’t like to just jump on one verse. II Corinthians chapter 5 beginning at verse 14. “For the love.” See just like we saw in Ephesians. “The love of Christ constraineth us because we thus judge (or conclude) that if one died for all, then they were all dead.” Well, we’ve already come to that conclusion. Verse 15, “And that he died for all that they who live (have been raised out of their deadness in sins and trespasses).so that they who live should not henceforth live unto themselves.” In other words, the attitude shouldn’t be, well, I’m safe from going to hell and that’s all I have to worry about. Oh no. That’s not it. Once we become a Believer we don’t live unto ourselves, but we live, reading on now in verse 15, “We live unto him who died for them and (what?) rose again.” See that’s the Gospel. Every time you turn around in Paul’s letters you get the Gospel, how that Christ died for our sins. How that He was buried. How that He rose again the third day according to the Scriptures. And here it is. Just keeps popping up, see? And that “He arose from the dead.” All right, now I’m not where I wanted to go. Verse 16, “Wherefore, (since Christ died for us and rose from the dead).henceforth now we know no man after the flesh.” And I always have said I’m sure that Paul is making reference to Christ’s earthly ministry. That’s not our Salvation today. Although it’s good in application, it’s certainly good to know of all the miracles He performed and all that He said and taught, but that’s not The Gospel, so “We know no man after the flesh, (even though Paul says) we have known Christ after the flesh.” Because you want to remember, the Apostle Paul was about the same age as Christ. So if Jesus was thirty years old when He began His ministry, the Apostle Paul was probably thirty years old and beginning his activity in the Sanhedrin. And so they were contemporary one with another. And he says, sure, I knew Christ in the flesh. I don’t think they ever had a face-to-face confrontation, but old Saul of Tarsus knew all about him. And so he says, “Yea, I knew Christ in the flesh, but yet now henceforth, we know him no more.” Now that’s plain English. What is Paul saying? I’m not lifting up Christ’s earthly ministry. But what does he lift up? His death, His burial, His resurrection, His shed Blood. See that’s what Paul knows. Okay, now that’s still not the verse I wanted. Got to go to the next one. Verse 17. “Therefore, (because of what Christ has done and it’s finished on our behalf).therefore, if any man is in Christ (like we’ve been seeing in Ephesians, if we’re in the Body of Christ and we’ve been positioned).then we’re a (what?).we’re a new creation (is a better word than ‘creature.’) If any man be in Christ his is a new creation.” Now I have to stop. I haven’t got much time left. Who alone can create something like this? Only God can! That’s why as you look at this, can you see now that works can never have a thing to do, because all the areas that we’re working on are the invisible. All the areas that we’re concerned ourselves about are the invisible, but they’re real. But they’re invisible. So now you come over here, the invisible Old Adam is crucified. Who but God can do it? It’s impossible, but God can. All right, who but God can give us a new nature? Nobody and that’s why it has to be all of God. You can join 15 churches, it’s not going to give you a new nature. You could join another 20 and it’s not going to take care of Old Adam. See? It’s ridiculous. But oh, we let God do it by simply believing the work of the Cross and He moves in and He does it ALL. He brings in the Holy Spirit. He regenerates our spirit, He gives us a new divine nature that controls the body and we’re in fellowship with Him once again. All because of what He accomplished on our behalf. All right, back to II Corinthians 5 for just a moment yet. So “If we’re in Christ, we’re a new creation. Old things are passed away.” Let me come back to the gentleman that called the other day. Fifty-some years never darkened a church door. Never listened nor read a word of Scripture. Well, you can let your mind run rampant as to what kind of a life he must have lived. He didn’t tell me. But now all of a sudden he said, I’m so hungry for This Book; I can’t get enough of it. Well, who did that? God does! See? God whets the appetite and we just oh, I could just go on and on couldn’t I? How did David put it? ‘My heart panteth after thee O, God like the heart after the (what?) the bubbling brook.’ You got the picture. Oh, and that’s what happens. Now let’s do this in the closing seconds, so we’re a “new creation, old things are passed away, behold all things are become (what?) new.” It’s a whole new life! Oh, the world thinks we’re crazy. But, I don’t. I don’t. I wouldn’t trade places with the world for anything. I had a gentleman call the other day, after 20 years going down the wrong road, he called and he’s an educated man, a professional man, in fact. And you know what he said? ‘I wouldn’t go back into that for all the money in this world.’ Although most of his friends have already turned their backs on him. But, listen so what! It’s nothing compared to what God has created in us because ‘all things are new and all the old things are passed away.’ Now all of this, all of this, to put it in a nutshell, is what happened the moment we believed the Gospel and we let God do it all. And don’t try to help Him. You know, everybody’s trying to help Him and we can’t do that. I used to sort of put it this way; we’ve just got to keep our dirty fingers off of it. Because just as soon as we put our fingers on it, what do we do? We stain it. We goof it. But oh, just sit back like Israel coming out of Egypt and God said what? ‘Stand still’ and don’t try to do anything. Okay, see you next time. ANNOUNCER>>We want to invite you to visit LesFeldick.com where you’ll find all our programs available on audio, video and in Book form. 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