Luminos: The Browser

The Browser is the heart of the Luminos app.
Access it by tapping the magnifying glass
in the toolbar.
On iPad, the Browser can be found on the side
of the display, while on iPhone the Browser
will fill the entire screen.
The Browser is a collection of categories
containing every object in Luminos. Tap on
any category to dive deeper and find more
astronomy objects.
Use the navigation arrow to go up one level
in the browser to a higher category.
When you navigate to an object, such as The
Moon, it will also become your current selection.
Many objects have information articles. Tap
the text to expand the article, and tap it
again to collapse it.
Some objects also have Basic and Advanced
displays. Tap the labels to switch between
them. Basic view will summarize the object,
while Advanced view will focus on scientific
When even more information is available, you
will see a chevron indicating that you can
tap that row to go deeper.
You can always navigate back using the bar
at top.
All objects in Luminos support a set of actions.
The most common actions for the selected object
are also shown in the selection bar, and either
control can be used.
Actions let you do everything from centering
the sky view on an object…
…to marking it as seen…
… or even launching into space to visit
You can also view the Browser by tapping the
Info button for any selected object, which
will take you directly to that object’s details.
Most items will let you add personal notes…
… and some will let you view online articles.
As you select new objects on screen, the Browser
will follow your selection.
To revisit objects you’ve previously selected,
swipe left and right across the selection
To close the Browser, just tap the “Done”
Or, to clear the selection altogether, swipe
down on the selection bar.
Discovering items in the Luminos Browser is
a great way to learn about our Universe. Get
out there and start exploring.

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