Make Ringtone using iTunes 12.8 & Higher! [2018]

In this video you’ll learn, how to make
ringtone using iTunes 12.8 & higher. So, let’s begin! Hello Friends! Welcome back to AppleFrendly. iTunes has been updated to version 12.8 and
I thought of making a ringtone using this latest version. This tutorial will work for both Windows as
well as Mac. If you already know how to make
ringtone on iTunes 12.7, you can skip this video. There is no change in the method. And with that being said, let’s start with
the tutorial. Firstly you need to launch iTunes on your
Computer or Mac. Now make sure MUSIC is selected here and you’re
on the LIBRARY page. Please note that you don’t need to connect
your iPhone to iTunes before making a ringtone. So, you need to choose a song from iTunes
Library. If you want to know how to add songs to iTunes
Library, checkout my tutorial in the cards as well as in the description below. And now supposedly, this is a song you want to
make ringtone from. So, right click the song. Select SONG INFO Tap on OPTIONS And now here you have to change the song time. First, you need to select these checkboxes. Very important! Then change the START TIME and STOP TIME. Make sure the total length of the song is
less than 30 seconds. So, I’ll set the start time to 0 seconds. And stop time to 10 seconds. Now let’s hit OK. Now keep the song selected and go ahead and
select FILE option on the main menu bar. Now select CONVERT and then CREATE AAC VERSION If you don’t find this option, ask me in
the comments below. As soon as you hit that option, you should
see iTunes creating new copy of the same song with reduced time length. So this is our AAC version of the song. Right click the song, And select SHOW IN FINDER. Here is the song. Now just COPY this song. Don’t CUT, don’t DELETE. Just COPY it. And now PASTE it to your desktop. Now let me take it to the left. Now launch iTunes again and let’s adjust
the window so that we can see the ringtone file. Now DELETE the AAC version of the song from
iTunes Library. Right click and hit DELETE FROM LIBRARY. Select DELETE SONG. And hit MOVE TO TRASH. Now you have to change the file extension
of this song on the desktop. So right click, hit RENAME And just make this M4A to M4R If you don’t get this M4A File Extension,
let me know in the comments below. Now hit ENTER on your keyboard. And you should get a pop-up. Say USE .M4R That’s all! Your ringtone file is ready. Now go ahead and connect your iPhone to iTunes
using Lightning Connector. And select TONES option. Now hold your ringtone file and drag it over
this TONES folder OR DEVICES section. If dragging doesn’t work for you, you can
also COPY and PASTE the ringtone file. Now, tap little iPhone icon on the top bar On the SUMMERY section, go to bottom right corner and hit SYNC. Let your iPhone sync with iTunes. Once the syncing is over, disconnect your
iPhone And now when you launch SETTINGS, SOUNDS & RINGTONE, you should find that your new ringtone file
is ready to be used as your default ringtone. So, that’s how you can easily make ringtone
using iTunes 12.8 and higher. And do not forget to change the time of the
original song to original time length in your iTunes Library and delete the m4r file from
your desktop. And that’s all for today! If this video helped, like and share it with
your friends and loved ones. And If you want to watch more videos like
this, please consider subscribing to the channel, if you haven’t already. And please put the bell notifications ON. I’ll see you next week with a new tutorial. Till then take good care of yourself. This is your friend, VIKAS, signing off, Thank
you so much for watching!

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  1. Thank you!!! I have spent too much time trying to figure this out, but your video was a tremendous help! Honestly, adding ringtones should not be this difficult. Apple needs to make this somewhat easier.

  2. Absolute genius. Instructions accompanied by video are easy to follow even for a tech dummy like me. Worked the very first time. You have just exponentially increased the enjoyment of my new iPhone. Thank you so much.

  3. Heya
    I've tried this method earlier and it worked. But now, I am able to drag and drop the files, but the songs are showing grey dotted circles. help please

  4. Great Job. Finally someone that explained it very well. I don't know why drag and drop is not working with m4r file but copy paste is working. Thank You!

  5. After I chose my 30 second clip I then went to create aaa version. It says song cannot be converted because protected files can't be converted.

  6. Hello, I did something wrong because my original version of the song is gone and I only have the 0:29 second version of the song. How can I correct this error? HELP!!!

  7. The instructions are really good, but I was unable to change the time back to the original three or four minutes; each song that I made into a ringtone is still only 28 to 29 seconds. How do I restore the length of the song? Please respond.

  8. Well done video, thank you very much. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป itโ€™s very easy steps

  9. So I've done everything and when it come to the last part dragging to tone or copy and paste nothing happens. I get a message saying file can't be played.

  10. when I try to copy and paste or drag the m4r into the tones section, it says my phone can't play it. What should I do? Sorry for bothering you.

  11. hello i have a bit of a problem where i go to see in the album i tried to copy it but it did'nt gave me the option to do so. is there something i did wrong?? it'll be nice to get a reply on my situation.

  12. Your directions are very clear. Unfortunately only some of my songs will allow me to convert to ACC. Is there some way to get them all? Or someway to know which ones will or won't? I'm getting tired of editing the times on songs to then find out they won't convert! ๐Ÿ™

  13. Very helpful. I'm reassured to know I can still use iTunes to create ringtones despite the latest updates removing the Tones section.

  14. Hi Thanks but I cannot paste the file in the Tunes folder… I tried to shorten it to 10 seconds, manually copy and paste and nothing to do… Let me know if you know what to do! Thanks!

  15. I am having problem with .m4r file, Unable to drag and drop or copy & paste to itune, I am using Window 10 and iTune, will appreciate your help. Thanks!

  16. i've figuring it out for over hours and now I got it! thank you I can now have a beautiful ringtone and sleep peacefully

  17. Hi, i still can't drag my ringtone to iTunes. I've followed all the steps but failed. Please advice.

  18. I have OS X #El #Capitan and #iTunes 12.8.2 just does not work anymore. Will even be forced to reload iTunes, but fails #because of an error #message.

    Made Ringtone? Now watch this tutorial to understand HOW TO DELETE RINGTONES made using iTunes.
    And please write THANK YOU โค๏ธ down in the comments below, as a token of appreciation. This will keep me motivating! ๐Ÿ˜ŠEnjoy your new ringtone ๐Ÿ˜„โœŒ๐Ÿผ
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    Cheers โœŒ๐Ÿผ

  20. When I click Convert, the AAC Version is not highlighted, and clicking on it does nothing. What could be the reason I do not have this option?

  21. I know all these steps have done it hundreds of times in the past, but when I click on it to play it won't. Any ideas? I am stumped…never had this problem in the past.

  22. Well, I agree that this is the best explanation I've found, but when I got to the options, set the time and clicked OK, there was no dupe file at the shorter length. I thought maybe it just wasn't showing, so I kept going, dragged to desktop, changed to mr4, deleted old file, etc. Then dragged into Tones…no, the length is too long. Because Options unchecked the start time, so the song had never been shortened. i tried over and over again, and i guess something worked because it said it was 30secs, but when i tried to change that one to mr4, said itunes couldn't play that format. One thing after another. I restarted the computer, downloaded a fresh copy of itunes, anything i could thinj of. I don't know why I should be surprised, a couple of years ago, iTunes deleted more than half my library…I never did find out why, and I saw online that it had happened to others too. I've hated it ever since, and hate that there's really no other choice to buy and save music on a computer. Whatever. I've been trying to get this ringtone thing to work for five hours now. I'm done. Screw it. Apple Friendly, thank you for your directions, they are great, the problem isn't you, it's iTunes.

  23. It does not let me edit the ringtone that means I can not open because I have protected files for something like that

  24. Hi! Great video. I can make this work for a regular song I have on my iTunes, but not for a recording I've made in Voice Memos. Any suggestions?

  25. Thanks for help! It works good. How can I remove/delete ringtones…or at least see in iTunes them? Thanks

  26. wow you more than a teacher.have watch several videos but didnt work out unstill i watch yours and trust me it worked like Magic

  27. when i drag it to my desktop it isnt saying 'm4a' at the end of the name so i add 'm4r' then drag it into tones it isnt dropping in there? plz help thankyou

  28. Iโ€™ve done all the steps as shown, but when I try to convert to aac version it wonโ€™t let me ๐Ÿ™ someone please help

  29. Hey its me again i had some free time and tried this and same this is happening on my computer as it did on garage band on other tutorial… Since the song i have isnt โ€œpurchasedโ€, the thing keeps saying its protected and i cant edit it

  30. I got stuck at the beginning because I am not able to convert my file to the AAC version. I'm using the newest version of iTunes.

  31. Howzit Friendly. Great tutorial thanks!! When renaming the file It is not possible to change the extension from m4a to m4r. I am working on a PC windows 10. Please help.

  32. Hi i was tried but its not converting AAC version '' I had a pop up msg like the file could not be convert because it is protected file could not convert another formats. Can you suggest me how could I convert protect file ?

  33. Hi. Everything is fine up to the 'show in finder,' i have only have 'show in windows explorer.' If i show in windows explore i am not getting any option to convert the file to m4r. None of the steps you detailed below to others (view, change etc) have worked. Please help! i don't know what else to do

  34. On my mac it creates mp3 version on the song and even when i changed it from mp3 to m4r and drags it over to tones message pops up saying cant be copied to my iphone because it cant be played helppppp…!!!

  35. Hi I am to do everything but my problem is, on my ITUNES theres no Tones Tab. Also when I connect my phone theres no tones tab. I believe this is because of the new update. Where would I copy and paste the ringtone?

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