hey guys how you doing it’s a terrible
day here in Sydney guys we’ve been having some really bad bush fires and
it’s really really smoky out there the smell is really crazy as well guys it’s
like I don’t know having seven thousand ashtrays attached to your nose for that
reason guys I don’t want to go outside because you know your boys looking after
himself not really okay guys let’s just make a
beat with Logic Pro wake stock plugins or sounds Oh whatever you want to call
it started off with these chord progression
guys that I found in one of my packs and I’m just gonna go through the stock
electric pianos for the piano guys I just bounced it
into place and I reversed it and as you can see I chopped it up that can be like a transition let’s just
pan that to the right yeah you can call these cheating guys but
whatever I just feel like logic has some weak-ass drums we got drums oh don’t you
of what you live to be thought you loved me but I just ended up adding my own
kick snare and hi-hats however because I feel bad from cheating I’m gonna leave
these drum sounds down below for you to download you’re welcome for the bass guys I use the same one
from the last stock plug-in video I added some overdrive to it as well it
just makes it really punch is cowbell and tambourine is from this drum kit
called so cal I added some reverb as well guys interesting stankface activated thank you once again
guys for watching another one of my videos don’t forget down below is the
drum sound so download them download them 3am vibes vol.1 coming
soon subscribe

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