Making Real Food w/ Play-Doh Toys

We’re gonna make food using
Play-Doh kitchen tools, then eat it. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good Mythical Morning! Very excited about today, because
as a child, I used to make things – from Play-Doh, and it was like
– Yeah. they were just asking you to eat it
because they’ve got all these kitchen tools and things that are just
inviting you to eat it… – …and it’s non-toxic.
– Oh yeah. I’m not gonna lie; I ate a few
gallons of Play-Doh in my day… – …and I’m still here.
– Just the smell of it, just the smell of it in preschool.
It was so… the salty temptation – was just too much for me.
– (laughing) “The salty temptation.” I mean, it’s like, “I just wanna, euh,
just get a little taste of it when nobody’s looking.” So today is
certainly wish-fulfillment for me, – and kind of an experiment. You know,
– Yes. let’s put the… let’s put the food where
their mouths are. Where our… what? Let’s put our food
where our mouths are. Let’s put the food
where the Play-Doh is. Simply put, let’s see if we can make a
viable meal using only Play-Doh equipment. – Right. But not Play-Doh per se,
– (cracks knuckles) “Food-Doh.” because we have made our own Dohs.
We didn’t just wanna do the Play-Doh thing because while it is non-toxic, I wouldn’t
advise eating large amounts of it. Well, it’s not food. This is For-Real Doh. – Right. (silly voices) For-Real Doh!
– For-Real Doh! We got some “Breadoh” here,
which… I basically took some wheat bread and then I deconstituted it
by kneading it and added some flour and some water and
made it back into dough. – That’s interesting. Questionable.
– What do you have over there? We got “Meat-Doh,”
which is made from Spam. I got some “Pump…k Pumpk-Doh,”
which is pumpkin with some flour added. We got some “Cheesy-Potadoh,”
made from cheesy potatoes. And then we got some “Blueberry-Doh,”
which is basically flour and blueberries. – (Link) There it is right there.
– (Rhett) Yeah, so obviously you can’t just mash up blueberries and make dough.
You have to add some flour and water …to make it doughy again,
but these are as pure of ingredients – as we could make, including…
– We’ve got a good consistency. …”Pea-Doh,” which is
dough made from peas. (laughing) ‘Nough said. I’m gonna go with an American classic:
something that you’ve probably all enjoyed before, but I’m gonna
do a vegetarian twist on that, because I don’t have
any Meat-Doh over here. And I’m going Italian, because
I like Italian food and, you know, …this thing is begging to make noodles. Now, if you’re doing this
along with us at home, because I know many of you are.
You just went and paused the video – and then went and made all your Dohs,
– (Link laughing) – welcome back!
– Right, welcome back! Hopefully you washed your hands,
because we did several times. See, now this is a toaster.
I’m probably gonna put some Breadoh in here, and make toast. (Rhett) I am making a blueberry bun,
will be the base of my creation here. – You don’t wanna have…
– It’s healthy. …bread that’s not cooked, so
I’m gonna throw it in the oven. – (Link) You’re really playing it up here.
– Hey, I wanna use everything. (Rhett) And I’m gonna set it on “boil.” – (both laughing)
– Use the oven’s setting. I’m gonna boil my
blueberry bun in the oven, because that’s the only part
I can move right now. (Rhett) You know what? I’m gonna set it on
“oh eight seventeen” (fake beeping noises) – (laughing)
– All right, and just wait a second. (Rhett) Waitin’ for that Blue-Doh. – Did you preheat it?
– Uh, you don’t have to with these. The technology in that thing’s amazing. Yeah, and “Bing-ding-ding!”
I think it’s ready. All ri– oh, it’s stickin’ a
little bit to the bottom. (Link) Okay, and I’m about ready
to make a toast here. I mean, this is the happiest
this toaster’s ever been. – (Link) Look at this. ♪ (Makin’ toast!) ♪
– (Rhett) Holy mackerel, Link. (Link) Look at that. That is satisfying. (Rhett) Now, I’ve got my blueberry bun,
fully cooked and ready to go. Now I’m gonna move on
and make a pea wiener. I mean, uh. I’m gonna make
a hotdog out of peas. – (crew laughing offscreen)
– All right, and I’m gonna… I’m going for some noodles at this point. Hm, I probably should’ve thought
about that before I said it. – (Link laughing)
– Okay, so we’ve got dough made from peas. – I’m not gonna call it “Pea-Doh” anymore,
– Let’s see… I’m gonna make a spiral…
Where’s my little um… – …my little insert.
– (Link) Rope maker? – (Link) Oh, you’re talking about this?
– Oh, yeah. I need that. I need to insert that in here real quick. Okay. Give that back, because
I gotta make my noodles after you. (Rhett) Okay, no problem. Okay… – (Link) See, we’re learning to share.
– Yeah. – Play-Doh teaches you to share.
– Yeah, this is a two-man kitchen. Oh look at this, Link. Here you go. – Here comes the…
– This is your hotdog, your Pea-Doh? (Rhett) Wow that’s not appetizing either. – Your Pea-Doh wiener.
– (Rhett) Feel like I gotta support it. – (Link and crew offscreen laughing)
– That probably was not something that you wanna say again. (Rhett) And here comes some more.
There we go. It’s gotta match the bun length.
You know what? I need a handy-dandy tool from this…
Oh look, here’s a saw. And that’s your hotdog?
Eugh. – (Rhett) You’re the one eating it.
– (both laughing) (Link) All right, and so I’ve got
Cheesy-Potadoh noodles. Comin’ your way here. You’re gonna be
tempted to speed up this process, but that would be a mistake. Wow, slow and easy makes the noodles.
Because it is the season for pumpkin-flavored things, I’m gonna use
my Pump-Doh to make some pumpkin stars. (Link) “Pumpk.” See, and you wanna
keep this thing moving back as you’re extruding the noodles.
There’s a lot of expertise – that I have that makes this look easy.
– I can tell. Mhm. You’re not gonna be this good at it,
first time you do it, but don’t be hard on yourself. (Rhett) You wanna press this down.
You wanna press it down until you get that star completely free,
right there. And then you just… (wet popping sound and a splat)
Pop out your star. – (crew offscreen laughing)
There you go. Projectile. It’s real easy. And then you
got a little pumpkin star. And I’m gonna put that over here.
I’m gonna make a few more. Link’ll really enjoy those. (Link) Hm. Boy, this is some gooey
gooey-gooey happenin’ over here. You wanna catch a
pumpkin star in your mouth? (thump) Oh, it didn’t happen.
(thump thump) Sometimes you just gotta
get rough with it. (grunting and thumping) You gotta, well…
Okay. Boy. I feel like a doctor. Helping somebody breathe. I’m helping
my pumpkin star come back to life. You’re respirating it?
Oh goodness. (Rhett) It’s a little sticky.
See if I can… (Link) Oh, me. Look at that.
It’s like a nice, blonde woman’s hair if it were made out of dough. (Rhett) I’ve got beautiful thing
happening over here on my plate. – Oh wow, Rhett.
– Ha ha, yeah. You’re gonna love it, Link. (Rhett) You’re the noodle master, huh? Heads up, star coming.
(wet popping sound and a splat) Oh, there it is. (Rhett) Now, you do realize,
that I’d say within the next two to three months, there’ll be a
whole restaurant where they just make things out of Play-Doh tools,
and when you see this happen, you point ’em to this episode
of Good Mythical Morning. Because we’re gonna file a
copyright claim at that point. (Link) Here, hold this down right there. Noodle-making is really a two-man job. Yeah. We’re like Mario
and Luigi over here. (Link in an exaggerated Italian accent)
I’m makin’-a noodle! (hissing sound) (still accented)
Oh, my Play-Doh just farted! You need to press the B button
so you can go a little faster. (forced laughter) Oh, and
we’re wearing red and green, too. It is like Mario and Luigi. (Rhett) That’s nice. Too bad I have to eat it. Yeah. That looks like pasta
from some angles. I gotta add some garnish here. – Garnish?
– Well, I gotta add the meat. Open this Meat-Doh for me. (exaggerated Italian accent) Tonight’s
spaghetti has a garnish of meat. – (laughing)
– Now, if you smell this, – it certainly smells like… Spam.
– Spam. That’s what it’s made out of. (wet plop)
(Link stammering) I’m gonna redeem this Spam,
and I’m gonna make it into superior meat. And just so you know, we did add a
little food coloring to brighten up these, so Spam is not naturally this red. I think if I just take this, I’m gonna
turn Spam into superior meat products right here before your eyes.
(grunting) Push! Push, Link! You can do it!
All right. That’s what they call
literally self-motivation. Trim, Link! Trim!
All right, now… You could probably do
all that in your head. – So what’s gonna–
– (Link and crew offscreen laughing) So what’s gonna emerge
here should be two… (Rhett) Oh my goodness.
That’s beautiful, Link. …pieces of meat. (Rhett) There’s a drumstick and a t-bone.
Porterhouse. What is that? – It’s um, artificially shaped Spam.
– (both laughing) – (Rhett) Okay.
– Okay… …I gotta try to… (Rhett) You nervous?
You’re shaking a little bit. – (Link and crew offscreen laughing)
– You nervous about what I’m gonna think about this dish?
Listen, brother, I’m supportive. Here we go. All right,
so we got a t-bone… Oh, yeah. That’s gonna be nice.
Yeah, mhm, be real nice. (Rhett) Why don’t you garnish
your pasta with with that, Link… – All right, here we go.
– and I’ll present mine to you – and you can present yours to me.
– And then we’ll eat. All right, so first let’s clean
off our spaces here a little bit. (plastic-y sliding) All right. Link, I know you’ve been anticipating
this moment for some time. I present to you “Rhett’s Special
Pea-Dog with Pumpkin Stars!” (laughing) (Rhett) So we got a blueberry bun,
Blueberry-Doh bun. We’ve got a Pea-Hotdog frankfurter,
wiener, whatever you wanna call it. – Pea wiener. Let’s just go with it.
– All right. (Rhett) Then we’ve got some
pumpkin stars. ‘Tis the season. – I mean, at this point–
– I will be insulted if you don’t… – Eat it?
– …at least get a star, a full star, you know, you don’t
have to go halfway, just go one-third on the dog. Enjoy. But, you know what, don’t eat it yet,
because I wanna see what you got for me. Okay. Rhett, I am pleased to
present to you, straight from Italy, “Spaghe-Doh and Meatballs with… – …Toast.”
– (everyone laughing) As you can see, I’ve got a very nutritious
pile of cheesy potato noodles. Oh, that makes sense. – (Link) With some meat drumette…
– (Rhett) Yeah. – …and steak garnish…
Oh, nice. – …and bread… made out of bread.
– (Rhett) Bread. I can see that you’ve got
meat made from meat, you got noodles made from a starch,
and you’ve got bread made from bread. Would you be insulted
if I made a sandwich? Don’t make it a sandwich.
Eat it like the dish that it is. – (Rhett) Mm…
– (Link) And are you going first? I’ll let you go first, but here —
you need a spoon because you’re gonna… – You know how to do it.
– Yeah I’ve been to an Italian restaurant. – (crew offscreen laughing)
– (Rhett) Okay, so I’m gonna take this. – ♪ (Rhett singing nonsense) ♪
– (Link) That’s fancy, Rhett. There ya go. – ♪ (Mm) ♪ Oh.
– The more you turn it, – the more dough comes on there.
– Yeah, that’s what I’m afraid of. And now I would just
put a little meat on it. – (Rhett) Okay.
– (Link and crew offscreen laughing) – Or all of the meat.
– Hold on. – (Rhett) Do you have a fork?
– I have a spatula. Thank you. How’d you cook this?
Is it medium rare? (Link) It’s Spam, which I think is
already cooked, I hope. Right? Yes. Put that on your noodles.
You’re gonna have a mouthful. – (Link and crew offscreen laughing)
– And bread is for a following. Bread is the, yeah,
that’s the afterthought. Wow, (high-pitched giggle)
you went… you really went for it. But it did look great,
so I’m not surprised. – (crew offscreen laughing)
– Li’l chewy? – Li’l doughy.
– (Link and crew offscreen laughing) Follow it up with some bread, there. Hold on, I mean, I gotta
get this down first. I think when you swallow,
it’s gonna be here and it’s gonna string all the way down. I take back what I said. No one is gonna
open a restaurant where this happens. (laughing) I’m not feeling really great
about digging into this. – What’s this bread made out of?
– Bread. – (crew offscreen laughing)
– Wow. – This is good.
It is? – Yeah.
– (Link and crew offscreen laughing) How did the Spam and the
cheesy potato noodles taste together? – Bad.
– Just the Spam tasted bad, or… It tasted like dough with a hint of Spam. – (Link) Well, that’s not bad.
– And that hint of Spam – was enough to scare me off.
– Okay. Um. The bread’s good, though.
I’ll eat some more. Now, I’m gonna be honest. This looks
like something my kids would make, and that I would never think about eating. – Yeah.
– I mean, who in their right mind – would wanna eat…
– It’s the Pea-Dog with Pumpkin Stars. – I can’t even get it off the plate. Look,
– Hold on, hold on. look, the whole plate
(plate clamors) Okay. Oh, look. He’s a little droopy.
Okay, here we go. – (crew offscreen laughing)
– (Rhett exhales) – Little doughy?
– The first taste was like baby food. (together) The peas. – Mm, it is just a mouthful of dough.
– Yeah. – And why is that a surprise?
– (Rhett) Have a piece of your bread, – because I do think that you’ll like that.
– Oh yeah? I’ll eat a pumpkin star
while you’re at it. Mm. Better consistency here.
There’s actually… – …some chewiness.
– Wow. Very pumpkin-y. – Yeah.
– Mm. – It’s not bad.
– That bread is not bad at all. It you like mushy bread. Hopefully you’ve been inspired.
It’s quite a process to do this, and I’m gonna go ahead and tell you that
the payoff is a little doughy. And the second payoff hours from now, I don’t know if we’ve totally
gummed up the works. – I don’t know what’s gonna come of that.
– I don’t think that’s how it works, man. – It’s not gonna be like
– It’s not gum; it’s dough. – one of these later on.
– (laughing) Okay, censored. Thanks for liking and
commenting on this episode and supporting us in the science
of whatever we just did. You know what time it is. – I’m Yadel.
– And I’m Sandler. And we’re from the Netherlands. – And it’s time
– (both) to spin The Wheel of Mythicality. – ♪ (Wheel of Mythicality music) ♪
– Also, we wanna let you guys know along with your camouflage Mythical shoes,
you can get the all-new Mythical socks! – Look at that!
– Whaaaat? With the Randler on there. (Link)
Click on the shoes, socks, and hat to get to that. Click through to
Good Mythical More – where we make ice cream.
– (High-pitched) Whir! – Real ice cream, kind of.
– Got the machine right here. Okay, “Link is a crazy cat lady.” – (wheezy voice) Well, Rhett. (purrs)
– Yeah? – So glad you came to visit me and my…
– (crew periodically meowing offscreen) – …cats. No, this is Patches.
– Those are socks. This is Tina. – Are they making that noise?
– Yeah, can’t you hear them? – Say hello, Tina.
– Hello, TIna. – No, I’m talking to Tina.
– She didn’t say anything. – Say hello, Patches.
– Hello, Patches. I’m talking to Patches. [Captioned by Kevin:
GMM Captioning Team]

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