Mavic Mini – DJI Fly – Nowa Aplikacja

Hi Guys,
one of a new tittle-tatle around the society
among many others,
but one of the key features
is definitely DJI Fly App.
Te app that is actually unavailable so far.
I’ve been trying to scan QR Code from Quick Start Guide
and trying to find it in Appstore
unfortunately no result for today.
That means that all the celebrities,
that published Mavic Mini’s reviews so far,
they did not use common source
it was just a developer version of the APP.
What is also significant, talking to app features….
the RC, it has no Sport Mode or Pause button/swich
and function buttons, that we could define before,
So those features that we shoul find inside the DJI Fly App.
So I tried to collect available screenshots and info
re. DJI Fly App
as the beta version of the App was delivered for first tests
so let’s have an overview
so the icon looks like this
as I QR code scanned from Quick Start Guide
and the code sends to Mavic Mini product page….
so the App is not available this way….
so let’s have look at the camera view….
looks that way:
top left corner: flight modes
P, S and C
that means Position (normal mode), Sport (fast mode) and CineSmooth – buttery smooth
CineSmooth is a new mode that
is sth between Tripod and Cinematic Mode
and the letter indicates the mode we are currently using
the next icons on the top right corner
are signal, battery and flight time estimation
so thete is 75 % of battery left
and 20 minutes 50 seconds flight time left
The App itself is shown very well by Iphonedo
On the main screen we can find Album, Skypixel, Profile and location,
so there is Flysafe support
and indicates photo spots around the location
switching the modes: P, S and C
on the top right side, clicking on range icon
we can find satellites range, battery temperature,
and the voltage on the cells
pls keep in mind, the battery is LiIo, 2S, 7.4V
next is flight time and overall voltage
on the top right corner – there are 3 dots
when you click, you access main menu
and right here we can find:
and active header is bold and undelined
so now the “About” menu is active
so let’s have an overview
Shortcuts is small, there is only update, gimbal recenter and drone binding
so when we want to update the home point to current position
gimbal recenter – camera back to middle, central position
and the 3rd one: connection with the drone if there is eg. a new unit
The next one: “Safety” is more interesting,
so we can set max. altitude above ground level,
max distance we can fly from the home point,
so when you let flying to someone not very trusted,
you can limit the altitude and distance of the particular flight,
next point is Return Home Altitude
– the level that drone comes back when looses the signal or the battery is low
and downstairs – IMU and Compass calibration
keep in mind that in Mavic Mini we can not prompt compass calibration from the controller
by switching Sport mode button (slider),
we have to go down to menu “Safety” and select the Compass Calibration option
The next header is “Control”
so here we can select the Flight mode,
so this is a second place where we can choose the flight mode,
beside camera view screen – top left corner,
S, P and C
then we have the units: metric m and km and imperial, mph or ft
gimbal mode – follow – gimbal with camera keeps the level – the horizon
for FPV gimbal is locked – keeps camera same position as the aircraft
like FPV Quad
so the camera does not keep the horizon straight
there is also gimbal calibration,
that is clear
the next header of menu, “Camera”
aspect ratio
as the sensor is 1/2.3 “, 12 Mpx,
and it is 3000 x 4000 pixels
so we can choose 2 types of aspect ratio:
4:3 or 16:9
next is “Storage Location”
as Mavic Mini has no internal storage
so we can choose SD Card or Phone storage
and next is SD Card data
so he uses 256 Gb SD Card
I wonder if it works fine….
Advanced Settings and Reset Camera Settings – this is only visible at the moment…
the next point describes the Transmission and Frequency
we can switch between manual and auto modes
and next header is “About”
the name of the drone that you can define
there is also model name: Arya – does not look like editable
firmware version – usually needs to be updated…
FlySafe Database – here we are updating No Flying Zones
the App version – 0.18.0
then we can see, how many times the battery was charged….
serial number of battery,
serial number of drone,
serial number of camera,
and that is actually, what I found concerning the menu
iJustine shows us the Video mode
there is Exposure Lock
so the exposure does not change during the shoot
and we can also compensate the exposure – up or down
as we see, iJustine underexpose the shoot, there is -1.3 EV
and then we can observe,
video and foto settings,
and also Quick Shots,
as there are no Inteligent Flight Modes, they Integrated Quick Shots into Photo and Video Modes
so we have only 4 Quick Shots:
no Asteroid, no Boomerang,
there are only Dronie, Helix, Rocket and Circle
and we can select the range of Quick Shot flight
so we can observe 40-120 ft in this particular case
so there are imperial units in US
and now the Dronie
80 feet
and now Helix
there is also distance option,
as you see, iPhonedo uses metric units,
25 m,
and we have visual tracking during the shot
so we should be in the middle of the screen
so, there are no Active Tracking, POI, Tapfly,
but we can use Circle
and also, Quick Shots are very short, no way rto track longer time…
so far we could experience 10-20 sec of the Quick Shots recording
OK, so we can also find a quite interesting comment: “Takeoff Permited”
so it looks like if we’d try take off in a NFZ, there would appear: “Takeoff prohibited” 😉
what more o there is map as usual in a bottom left corner,
and telemetry data on the bottom left side
there is an altitude, distance from home point, vertical speed and horizontal speed as well
and now let’s move to Photo and Video Menu
there is a yellow icon over the REC tab,
and we can select Photo, Video or Quick Shots
Quick Shots used to be in Inteligent Flight Modes before
but right here we have separate 3 modes: Photo, Video and Quick Shotes,
and in the Photo mode we can select only ,
single Photo and Timed Shots – Timelapse
there is no HDR, no Panorama, no AEB, etc.
it is a crucial point and key buying factor,
so this tiny flycam has limited dynamic range, and no Pano Mode for today, as well as AEB
no chance to extend a dynamic range, no RAW as well
no colour profile, style, no white balance settings,
but we can set shutter speed manually in a photo mode
there is no shutter wheel on the remote controller as well
there is only gimbal tilt wheel on the left side
so we set the manual shutter speed in the app,
and the ISO is also adjustable
but the video has only exposure compensation setting and exposure lock
and photo mode offers us also shutter speed manual setting
and now we see the photo mode
there is also histogram, that is really great
and timed shot with interval 2s – 60 s
iphonedo shows similar settings
the overview that we already made
and Quick Shots
ent the editor – that is fast and direct
great presets
for beginers, insta lover and facebook
very fast and effective way of content sharing
just by the Smartphone
4 shots for 10 second,
5 shots for 10 second
and 6 shots for 20 seconds
so that is a great preset, and then
we can generate the video
just from the app
there is also a grid setting
there are more settings that I did not found so far
but the conclusion is that the app is very simple
created for common users
not looking for professional shots
or video
but more on the cell phone user
for users of Mavic AIR this drone is not atractive…
but for someone shooting on autopilot….
and let’s say 70 % do not use a full potential of Mavic Air
so Mavic Mini is enough for many people
what I have found,
based on the available information for today,
but for me the safety features are very important:
nr of satellites display on main page,
the big question is whether we can use Find My Drone feature,
and that is crucial in order to find this tiny flycam
it does no sensors, so we can crash much easier,
and usually we can use Find mY Drone in DJI Go4 App
sound buzz and the leds
and I hope that DJI Fly has such a feature
so Mavic Mini sets own market segment
and the Spark used DJIApp
but the market and money rules
so thank you for watching
that is what I found for today,
I”ll fly this drone soon, as soon as possible
thank you once again
and please keep in mind my Udemy Courses and our Facebook group “Latam Dronem od DJI”

See you, bye

17 Replies to “Mavic Mini – DJI Fly – Nowa Aplikacja”

  1. Bracie robisz dobra robote !!!Mi sie podoba taka seria bo wiecej rzeczy zapamientam zeby pozniej nie bladzic w aplikacji 🙂 najlepszy kanal o dronach w Polsce 🙂 fajnie ze zalozyles ten kanal , podejzewam ze za pare lat bedzie duzo ludzi wiecej latac i wtedy twoj kanal bedzie bardziej popularny i tego ci zycze 🙂 Pozdrawiam

  2. Dobry materiał, fajnie wszystko zebrane. Też mam nadzieję, że będzie możliwość odszukania drona za pomocą aplikacji

  3. Jak będziesz miał mini to sprawć range test sądzę że wszyscy są ciekawi czy dji dotrzymał tych 2 km tym razem pozdrawiam

  4. Właśnie widziałem test zasięgu niemieckiego testera drona Mavic Mini. Zrobił 500 metrów zasięgu na 30 metrach wysokości po czym zerwało zasięg. Gdyby poleciał wyżej myślę, że zrobił by większy dystans. Ktoś w komentarzach pod filmem napisał po niemiecku że robi ponad 1400 metrów na 60 metrach wysokości. Gdyby rzeczywiście tak było na CE, to uważam to za dobry wynik.

  5. A jak wygląda sprawa legalności wersji amerykańskiej w Europie? Bo zastanawiam się nad zakupem drona w Kanadzie, tylko nie chciałbym żeby w razie jakiejś kontroli mi go zarekwirowano.

  6. Przydatny materiał. Może ktoś wie, bo mi nie udało się znaleźć takiej informacji, czy Mini oferuje tryb podążania za kontrolerem? Wiem, że nie ma opcji Active Track za pośrednictwem kamery, ale jakieś "follow me" powinno chyba być? Dzięki z góry

  7. Mam tylko nadzieję że do mavica mini będą 2 aplikacje, tamta stara i ta nowa, to by było super bo ludzie którzy chcą się czasami pobawić w ustawienia aparatu tak jak np. ja mieli by co robić a jeśli chciałbym coś szybko nagrać to tylko dji fly odpalamy i kręcimy bez bawienia się w ustawienia

  8. hej, ogladam od jakiegos czasu 🙂 recenzje spoko, co do apki to jakis zart.. okrojona to malo powiedziane.. narazie nic nie przekonuje mnie do Mavica mini poza baterią.. ktora chcialbym miec w sparku. ale jako że mam zapas 5 baterii to nie jest zle. Mavic Mini nie ma nawet manualnego balansu bieli.. tylko auto co dla mnie calkowicie go dyskwalifikuje. Co z tego ze ma 3 osiowy gimbal i 30 min jak nie moge nawet ustawić zabarwienia filmu… po prostu szok 😉 pozdrowienia z Bydgoszczy.

  9. 17:38 kwintesencja czym jest/ bedzie Mavic Mini jesli nie przywroca chociaz czesci funkcjonalnosci w apce i nie dadza wiecej manualnych opcji bedzie to "zabawka" czyli cos innego niz Spark – ktory juz nadaje sie do filmowania/foto

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