Maxthon Browser Feature Discovery – Super Drag and Drop Tutorial

Maxthon’s Super Drag and Drop feature is an easy way to search in more detail with as few of clicks as possible
and share a large amount of content almost immediately.
Maxthon will perform a search or open a link or image all in a new tab.
Explore, search articles, and experience a better, easier web browsing experience while using Maxthon”s Super Drag and Drop feature.
Simply hold your left mouse button over any link, image, or highlighted text and Drag and Drop your selection a few pixels.
This feature also makes it easier to share content, copy entire articles, quotes, emails, and messages by highlighting,
dragging and dropping into IMs, emails, or wherever you choose through Maxthon’s free cloud services.
This feature is available on all these devices.
Download Maxthon for free today.

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