Mobile mapping app Gisella

Do you want to map your city? Do you make a sociological survey? Do you care about the nature? With Gisella mobile application, you can collect data about objects you need… and organize them into thematic layers and maps. Gisella is completely universal. Tourists can add on the map points with photos or clips to keep records about visited sites. You can map vast areas using lines and polygons created automatically as you move. With Gisella, you can easily see precise positions of engineering networks in thematic layers. So, you can avoid unintentional damages. Journalists and researchers can use the Gisella for interview recording and filling of questionnaires. All data can be later presented on a map with spatial relationships. Data can be later simply uploaded to the Google Drive. So, you can use them on any device, from a cellphone to a desktop computer. Thanks to the precise spatial data, you can make better decisions. Visit our website or and see how we can help you. Gisella – Lets map!

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