Monday Brief: iTunes 11, an official launch window for Windows Phone 7.8, BBJam Asia, and more!

This week: iTunes 11, an official launch window
for Windows Phone 7.8, BBJam Asia, and more! This is the Mobile Nations Monday Brief! TITLE GRAPHIC Greetings mobile delegates, I’m Ashley Esqueda,
and you’re tuned into the Mobile Nations Monday Brief. Crackberry was all a-buzz last
week, as BlackBerry Jam Asia was in full swing. RIM brought a smorgasbord of changes to the
BBDev program, including updates to tools, rewards, revenue, and hardware. The BlackBerry
10 SDK is getting an update with some requested features, and will be launching in full on
December 11th. Next, RIM opened up the “Built for BlackBerry” certification lab, which
is a required cert for the BlackBerry 10K Developer Commitment, and they also added
a new Dev Alpha Device: the Dev Alpha C, which is the newest piece of development hardware
and touts the quintessential physical keyboard you Crackberry addicts know and love. Last,
and this is my favorite, RIM announced that current BB10 developers can apply for eligibility
to swap their Dev Alpha unit for a real, working, limited edition BlackBerry 10 device after
launch! It’s a pretty cool way to say thanks to the dev community that’s been working
so hard to make sure App World is populated with great content. There’s a lot more to
BBJam Asia, so head over to Crackberry dot com for all the info. iMore was
talking about the launch of iTunes 11 last
week. Nobody was really sure if Apple was going to make their November 2011 launch window,
but they squeaked in at the last minute and released the update. Obviously, the big change
is the look of iTunes. It’s been morphed into a much more visual interface, with menus
and clutter tucked away more neatly. That’s not to say it hasn’t had its issues; many
users complained of random error messages and strange bugs in this new build, but hopefully
Apple will patch those things up quickly and without incident. Others are torn between
the old, familiar feel of iTunes 10 and the new, iOS-like design of 11. Either way, Apple’s
moving forward with this version, so if you’re an iTunes user by choice… or only because
you have to, it’s probably best to update and get used to the new. When webOS Nation is surprised by an HP move,
it’s usually bad news, but this past week, Derek and the gang were pleasantly surprised
by a generous offering from HP and its GBU spinoff company Gram. It seems as if they’re
happy with the crazy good work the webOS Ports team is doing on Open webOS, and to reward
all their hard work, HP/Gram has donated five heavyweight servers to them. It’s a $64,000
gift, and one that the webOS Ports team can definitely use in their quest to get the open
source OS onto other devices. It’s not the in-house hardware production webOS fans really
want, but it’s a huge gesture by HP, showing they’re supportive of the hard work the
Ports team has been doing. It’s also nice to see webOS has a CEO that doesn’t totally
hate them. Thanks, Meg! Windows Phone Central knows a lot of you who
bought Windows Phone devices earlier this year weren’t too thrilled with the news
that they wouldn’t be upgradable to Windows Phone 8. While that’s still true, Windows
Phone owners who’ve been waiting for the 7.8 update finally have a release window to
look forward to. Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President for Windows Phone, Terry Myerson,
has officially gone on the record to state the update will hit in early 2013. We know,
it’s not exactly as soon as you were hoping for, but the update will bring windows phone
7 devices as close as possible to Windows Phone 8. That means the updated start screen,
the lock screen, new accent colors, and more will hit devices in the new year. Let’s
just hope it’s not TOO much into the new year, otherwise we’re going to have some
very annoyed Lumia 900 and Titan 2 owners on our hands… Android Central spent some time this last
week on their podcast talking about the Nexus 4 — specifically, it’s lack of LTE… or
is it? If you haven’t heard, the hardware exists inside the Nexus 4 to grab an LTE signal
on a few bands, it’s just not enabled or licensed by the FCC. At least, it’s disabled
unless you have band 4 LTE service, available in Canada, and you enter in some simple information
to toggle the signal option. An-and-tech’s Brian Klug sat down with Phil and the android
central crew to discuss the quirk, and it’s a pretty interesting conversation if you’re
really into the nuts and bolts of the newest Nexus phone. We’re still not sure if Google
will disable the ability to toggle the signal on, but we’re guessing they will at some
point. Until then, you can jump on Android central dot com for more information and to
listen to the podcast! That’s it for your Mobile Nations Monday
Brief. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel at, check out our
dazzling and informative podcasts at, and you can follow me on Twitter @ashleyesqueda.
Nations, you have been briefed!

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  2. I can not believe those Windows phones can not be upgraded, I think it more of a thing they will not be upgraded. Nice Monday Brief guys, enjoy the show.

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