Must Have Apps For Photography In iPhone

iPhone Photography Apps
  1. The first app is another one you may not have heard of, and it’s called EDIT360. I discovered this one when I was trying to find an easy way to remove the tripod from my 360 photos on mobile, I couldn’t figure it out with the life of me, while there was a healing feature in SNAPSEED that will remove the tripod, it creates what we call CAT BUTT NADIR and then, as I was browsing the app store mindlessly one day, I found an app that could re-orient 360 photos so you could change the horizon essentially, and it made me think, you know, what if I could change the horizon 90°, that’s enough to bring the tripod up into the middle, so I can then bring that into SNAPSEED, heal the tripod out with the healing function, then bring it back into EDIT360 and move it 90° back no tripod, no CAT BUTT. This one is also super handy for leveling your horizon, if your camera doesn’t do it automatically in the app, then you can do it in EDIT360 so, this is a really good all-around app. I would say it’s best feature is the ability to heal out the tripod, you can do it in about 2 minutes, it does require a few steps, but you’re not going to use this for every single 360 photo and, the result is just worth it.
  2. The other must-have app on my list is, if you’ve seen any of my previous videos, you know what it is. THETA+ Personally, I am someone that reframes 99% of my 360 photos and videos as tiny planets or other reframe viewpoints and THETA+ allow you to manipulate your photos and videos in seconds, it’s really easy and intuitive to use all you need is one thumb to drag around your perspective and instantly, you have a reframed photo or video, not only can you work both with photo and video, but you can also animate your 360 photos using keyframes and creating a whole bunch of stylish transitions that you then export as an animated video. THETA+ is an almost perfect app, if only it will allow you to animate your 360 videos as well, I would call it perfect but until they have that picture, I’m going to call it close to perfect.

Did I mentioned the fact that it’s free? It’s compatible with both iPhone and Android, and you can use photos and videos from any 360 camera, it’s not just the RICOH THETA cameras all of these cameras here will work for the THETA+ app as long as it’s equirectangular photos and videos that you are importing, it will recognize, and you can edit straight away.


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