Myths & Doubts About Canada’s New Immigration Program 2019 | Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

Before you watch this video further if you don’t understand Hindi or Punjabi language
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Hi, How are you I hope everything is hunky-dory
today not a usual video, one week ago I uploaded a video on latest immigration program the new rural and northern pilot
But some people still didn’t understand it
And I’ve seen many myths & bad comments
Some said it’s fake and some people commented that do not go to Canada
If you don’t like canada it doesn’t mean that other people consider it as well as you
so please you haven’t any rights to spread this miss guidance to other people
and some viewer said don’t speak punjabi
But I’ll speak punjabi ’cause I’m from Punjab so Punjabi is Must so if you have problem you may leave now
Some said your english accent is awful
Believe me my voice as it is
and bit problem with mic, but i’ll change my mic but can’t change my voice
if you talk about my accent, baby! I always try to speak american accent
‘Cause I Love this accent so please bit compromise with me
some people also said that this is fake information, I would say that their common sense don’t work
if this information is fake then why I put down Canada’s official Link in previous video’s description ??
Now Govt. also fake?
just type on google “New rural & northern immigration pilot”
Hundreds of website will provide you this information. Now this is also fake??
this is 1000% correct news. my all information is 100& correct remember that
and I created this channel to help others
i’ll never upload any kinda misguidance to my subscribers and other viewers. and i also don’t care about those comments
It’s enough that my subscribers Love me
So today I’ll clear your all doubts & myths
earlier I thought you’ll visit Canada’s site but some people didn’t understand yet
so today i will try to clear these questions myths doubts
watch this video carefully before I start maybe the further please
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Latest videos in future so let’s get started here we go
previous Link available in this description as well check it out
read these 2 lines carefully
this pilot currently Open to communities the information on these pages is for community is interested in participating in the pilot
Information for permanent residence application will be available later in 2019
first of all lemme tell you what is community
many people asked me about this community that what is that or how to apply etc.
so let’s clear the word of community first!
now you’ve type on Google New rural & northern immigration pilot and open the Wikipedia Website
but i’ll read these two lines people tend to different those social trials as important to their identity
practice and roles in social institutions such as family home work government society humanity at large
so actually communities in the rural
Areas from these provinces will be selected to work with the newcomers and you are the newcomer guys. I had mentioned the last date
in Previous video it’s not for you it’s for the communities. All communities of these provinces
all communities will apply then government will select & you’ll be able to work with this communities
whatever community will be selected, you will work with them. maybe a question in you mind occur that
there’ll be one community or more? let me give you an example like in Manitoba province, if there’s only one community
which might not be eligible, then Canada included Manitoba
so there’ll be many communities in a province, you’ll go your desire province
and I think you’ve got about Community!
Actually wanna grow it’s economy and rural areas as well, now how to apply for this program?
Probably! most askin’ question. Whenever Canada’s govt. will launch this
I’ll tell you the how can you apply for this program
what will be IELTS requirement, qualification or other eligibilities??
It’ll be launched
But later in 2019 then I’ll make complete video on this topic and I’ve seen many people
Interested in this program and I am interested to inform you further as
Well. so guys please PLEASE don’t do bad comments!!!
Thanks to those people who defended me with haters, so that’s all I think I’ve covered everything
If you want to get some information or any query just comment down send me mail and most follow me on Instagram
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  3. Greetings from Peru friend, great job and thanks so much for helping international students like me to reach our goals to study abroad buddy

  4. Thanks brother now most of things are clear after seeing your YouTube video.
    We didn't know about the community but now it's clear
    God bless you

  5. Great bro.But Is there Any Advantage for Students in it? Whose coming in 2019 & can I am a student of Final yr.Can i eligible?

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  10. Great information please update more once it’s program start I subscribe your channel to receive notifications, ignore bad comments and bad people just focus you help to guide everyone, if you have good qualities so then people start jealous with you then they start pull your legs

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    Nice Information
    I am an Indian working in Dubai as a Security Officer in a five star hotel of a multinational company Jumeirah Group
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