New Apple App Store Games #6

– [Narrator] 2020 is already
shaping out to be a big year for games on the App Store. Welcome to back with my next episode of “New App Store Games” episode 6. This week includes six
new games from the 12th to the 18th of January and at the end of the video I’ll update
you on three games ported to the Mac App Store, like “Asphalt 9: Legends” for instance. Number one is “Pascal’s Wager”. “Pascal’s Wager” is a fantasy action-RPG. It’s a full-on experience
without any microtransactions or ads to cheapen the experience. Some of the notable
features are the 20 or more hours of content, 60 FPS
gameplay, controller support, four playable characters and
we have a three-dimensional map with multiple layers to explore. According to the developer TipsWorks, the game’s heavily inspired
by FromSoftware’s games, “Bloodborne”, “Dark
Souls”, “Sekiro” and even “Jedi: Fallen Order”. And it even reminds me of some elements from “Resident Evil 4”. So like those ones,
“Pascal’s Wager” is very hard and relies on you dogging,
parrying and attacking at the right moments. It’s advised that you play the
game with a controller, too. You can play with touchscreen,
but I found it a little awkward, especially on iPad. “Pascal’s Wager” costs
$6.99 USD on the App Store. Post-launch DLC will be added expanding the story and characters. Number two we have “Extraordinary Ones”. NetEase Games have put out
another free-to-play mobile game on the App Store. This one is a five versus five MOBA with an anime theme. Like other MOBAs you’ll select a hero, then go into a battlefield
where both players will attempt to destroy each other’s turrets
and in the end, their base. There is a decent amount of
heroes for a starting roster, hopefully they add more
in the future though. All heroes obviously, have different characteristics and abilities. The gameplay is pretty well balanced from what I’ve played so far. The battles are quite fast paced and the graphics are
really nice and satisfying. You can also play at 60
frames and mess around with some other graphic options, too. There are no advertisements
here and I can’t see any pay to win elements right now, but you can buy heroes with
gold or in-game currency. Please note, the game doesn’t
support the full-screen resolution of 2018 iPad Pros. Number three is “Kings of the Castle”. Another week and another
Apple arcade game has dropped. This one is a really
fast-paced multiplayer game that places you on a beautiful, but deceptively dangerous island. The game is all about
speed to compete objectives in the fastest time and I
put a big emphasis on speed. You’ll need to utilize all
the different power-ups in-game to make you go faster
or to help you collect gems. Although at the same time
you need to avoid all the obstacles and
enemies that will attempt to slow you down. The game’s upbeat and quick
music is really well-suited to the tone of the game. It made my heartbeat
go really wild, though when I was competing against
other players to win, but I kinda like that. You can also play offline
in the Single Player mode and play through the time trials. It’s a fun game, but I’d
like to see the developer, Frosty Pop, add some more content soon because there are only two
islands and two game modes here. Number four we have “Maze Machina”. Here we have a turn-based swiping puzzler, brought to you by Arnold
Rauers and Tinytouchtales. You play as a tiny hero
who is trapped inside an ever-changing four by
four grid mechanical maze. All this is controlled
by the evil Automatron, who you can see at the top of the grid. The gameplay works by you
swiping to move the hero. You’ll notice that as you move,
the enemies will also move in the same direction. So to counter them, you can
collect and use different power-ups or weapons. It’s pretty easy at
first, like most puzzlers, but the game does a good
job of preparing you for more challenging levels later on, slowly introducing you to new
tools and just how to play. “Maze Machina” goes for
$1.99 USD on the App Store. If you’re into puzzlers, you
should not skip this one. Number five we have “DRAW CHILLY”. Originally released on
Steam in November 2019, this week “DRAW CHILLY” was
ported to the App Store. This is an arcade experience,
bringing you squad-based action RPG gameplay. You will control the main
character and will have allies spawning in around you
to help you attack the, well, weird enemies spawning. As you play, you’ll collect
chickens and produce energy. This will help to upgrade the
city, provide new abilities and improve your squad. There is controller support
here too, which is great because the touch-controls are
a little small at the moment. However, the developer will
be increasing the tap zone of some buttons in the next update. The game is also not
optimized for iPad screens, however, the developer
will be adding this support once again, in the next update. “DRAW CHILLY” costs only
99 cents on the App Store. Number six is “MINImax Tinyverse”. Here is another free game for you. This one is a real-time strategy,
where you play as a GOD, placing your chosen
heroes on the map below and commanding their
attacks and using special powers to aide them. You fight one other player
online with the goal to crush their base. The game was originally released
on Steam back in December 2018 and ported to the
App Store this week. The Steam version was
met with mixed reviews, primarily because hardly
anyone is playing online. This is the same with the
App Store version, sadly. It will take you a few attempts to connect to another opponent. Hopefully, Apple promote it
on the App Store’s Game page and more jump on board
because it’s a cool game with nice 3D graphics and unique gameplay. And here are those bonus
Mac App Store games. Back at WWDC 2019, Apple
showcased how you could bring an existing iOS game to
Mac, using the Mac Catalyst technology, which is new
feature under macOS Catalina. “Asphalt 9: Legends” is the first example of this new technology. The Mac version of “Asphalt
9: Legends” has support for higher resolutions
and 60 FPS gameplay. Playing on a Mac screen,
it just looks beautiful, I have to say that. Your progress from iPhone or
iPad is supposed to carry over through iPad Backup, however,
it didn’t work for me, which really was a shame. So let me know how it goes for you. “Asphalt 9: Legends” is
free and is supported on all Macs back to 2012. (regal hip hop music) Recently Feral Interactive
ported action-adventure game “Shadow of the Tomb Raider”
to the Mac App Store. This means all “Tomb
Raider” origin games are now available on this platform. So if you like, you can
buy all three in a bundle. “Shadow of the Tomb Raider”
is supported on Macs with a 2 gigabyte graphics card, but it’s best to see a
list of supported Macs on the game’s App Store
page before you purchase. This week, Aspyr Media
updated “The Sims 2” on the Mac App Store. It is now a 64-bit app and
supports the Metal graphics API. This means it is compatible
with macOS Catalina and beyond. “The Sims 2” is supported
on all Macs back to 2012. So what do you think
of these new releases? I’m quite impressed, personally. It’s been a really good week. Let me know what you
think in the comments. Leave a like to show your
support and if you’re new, definitely subscribe and
turn on notifications so you don’t miss out on future uploads. Anyway, thanks for watching.

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  1. The Mac version of Asphalt 9: Legends is a little buggy right now. Hopefully Gameloft put out a hot fix update ASAP!
    PS: Sorry about the lack of Mac gaming content. Plan to bring you more on this topic in 2020. Stay tuned!

  2. Wow another great video! I hope everything is going good for you and that you stay safe. How far from the fires are you? How has it affected you?

  3. Just wanted to say thank you for your great videos. I do have a request with regards to feature rundowns of the games you cover though: could you mention if the game has some sort of cloud save functionality? Like if a game uses iCloud saving so you can carry on with your saves on different devices? Also if a game features multiple login options like Google or Facebook accounts, etc, Games like Call of Duty for example allow you to take your profile cross platform because of this feature. If it’s no trouble. Thank you again!

  4. Love your videos and your voice. You sound like you’ve just taken hostages at Nakatomi Plaza. I’m sorry, forgot that Millennials and younger kids are watching this video. In that case, you sound like you teach magic at Hogwarts. Also, my girlfriend loves you in “Love, Actually”. I’m pretty sure I just broke the record for most movie references in a IOS video games YouTube video. You’re welcome, everyone…..

  5. I’m disappointed I need macOS Catalina for Asphalt 9 🙁

    Maybe in the future we will get it on lower macOS versions

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